In the Sky, on Earth and at Sea. (1958)

Film-document №5010 3 parts, Duration: 0:30:59, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Soloveva N.

Script writers: Gorokhov V.

Composers: Boldyrev I.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Gorokhov V.


About the establishment of the Society of Assistance to Defense, Aviation and Chemical Construction (it's a public and political organization, a predecessor of the DOSAAF (Voluntary Association of Assistance to Army, Aviation and Fleet) and activities of DOSAAF.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated voluntary societies Osoaviakhim (Society for the Promotion and Defence Aviation and Chemical Construction) and DOSAAF (Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Air Force, Navy). Newsreel. Start the water glider "Peace to the cottages." Flight of the peasants on the aircraft "Osoaviahima." Cadets flying clubs in the classroom. Voroshilov and Mikoyan on firings. Artists of the Bolshoi Theater shoot at targets, including: O. Lepeshinskaya, B. Autograph. Evenk and Nanai skydive. Women learn Turkmen gas mask. Residents of towns and villages during exercises Osoaviahima. Personnel news of World War II. Design bureau Yakovlev. Test models created by AS Yakovlev. Competition model aircraft, marine modellers models; competition boaters. Skydivers Moscow Aeroclub make jumps. International competition in skydiving. Hams E. Ernst, A. Gorhovenko other in radio transmitters and receivers. City Dzhankoy (Crimea region). Cadets and instructors of one of the flying clubs in the classroom. Competition aerobatics, motorcycle racing. Things to road courses DOSAAF. Shooting competition.

Reel №1

Group jump paratroopers.

Parachutist lands - a technician at a Moscow factory Tamara Golubeva, prygnuvshaya the first time.

T. Golubeva at the house with the emblem Osoaviahima.

Newsreel 1918 1922gg.

VI stands Lenin.

Newsreel 1925 1937gg.

Workers in the construction work.

Farmers driven grain.

The transportation of the aircraft "Red Man", built on the savings of workers.

Launching glider "Peace to the cottages."

Were demonstrations with slogans.

On the podium, MI Kalinin, SM Budyonny etc.

Aircraft Osoaviahima in the village.

Farmers inspect aircraft.

He sits in the cockpit pupil Aeroclub - Kolkhoz Valya Lazarev - the first female pilot of Mordovia.

Turkmen Kolkhoz Galina Guliyev skydive.

Is flying a glider Matrona Krivitskaya.

Newsreel 1940 1941gg.

Training on the range.

Shoot KE Voroshilov, AI Mikoyan, conductor Lynching, Autograph singer, dancer Lepeshinskaya.

Nanai involved in the circle of skydivers.

Turkmen studying mask.

Mock alarm.

Workers and farmers are working in gas masks.

Newsreel 1941 1945.:

The ruined city, the battle with the Germans, the German planes.

Militias are rifles.

With tree shoots sniper - Hero of the Soviet Union Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko.

Commissioner guerrilla group Kovpak Simon V. Rudnev (chairman of the city council Osoaviahima) among partisans.

Three times Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Pokryshkin the plane.

In the aircraft three times Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Kozhedub AP Maresyev.

Nurse makes dressing the wounded.

Druzhinnitsa Anna Kovaleva neutralize bomb.

Public instructor DOSAAF AN Kovalev holds classes in the circle.

Dosaafovtsy at the Moscow House of aviation and air defense to them.


Says I. Kozhedub.

Reel №2

Interview aircraft A. Yakovlev (synchronously).

Newsreel 1930s.

Construction of the first aircraft Yakovlev.

The first flight of the designer at his first car.

Flying airplanes Yakovlev.

Competition model aircraft.

And models of sailing warships.

Boys on tour on a warship.

Dosaafovtsy on a yacht.

Sea around.

T. Golubeva making his first parachute jump.

Training of parachutists.


International competition parachutists: jumping to precision landing.

Jumps champion I. Fedchishin.

Stand-dosaafovtsy paratroopers Nikolai Nikitin and Viktor Rakov.

Athletes from 10 countries, exchanging parachutes jumps friendship.

Pass the command is: Czechoslovakia I-st ​​place, USSR - II-nd place.

Reel №3


Prague - LS.

Radio operators in receivers: Hero of the Soviet Union Ernest Krenkel, radio operators and Lipnigov Zharikov, Gorkovenko Alexander, George Jankowski (synchronously).

Says Navy radioman Ministry Alexander Veremey (synchronously).

Leonid Rozbash radioman on SP-3.

Kazan small television station, built by amateurs.

On the TV singing Ukrainian singer Alexander Goncharenko.

Alexander Goncharenko is glider.

Glider: Helen Sare, world record holder Anna Samosadova,

USSR champions - Alexander and Michael Veretennikov warm.

The shop of the Moscow plant "Hammer and Sickle" work friends Timofeev Kazeka - young workers.

Timofeev Kazeka piloted aircraft.

In the ladies' hairdresser master Albina Reshetnikova updo immedi Bgan Lucia.

Albina Reshetnikova Bgan and Lucia at the airport.

Flight instructor Valentin Sukhin.

Planes perform aerobatics.

Motor racing on rough terrain.

Racers: Rainis Reshetnikov George Lihogodenko Anatoly Bychikhina.

Dosaafovtsy study automotor and engine airplane, learn to drive.

Classes small circle a master of sports Elizabeth White.

Shoot master of sports Gennady Firskin Zinaida Kormushkina Anastasia Glukovskaya, USSR champion Zinaida Kormushkina.

November 7, 1957 - Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution: the Red Square are athletes DOSAAF.