Broken stones. (1990)

Documentary №50206, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:37
Production: LSDF
Director:A. Goryunova
Screenwriters:Anastasiya Goryunova
Camera operators:Aleksandr Filippov
Sound mixer:Mihail Belinskij
Other authors:Nadezhda Manukyan, Andrej Petrov, Aleksej Bogachev


The film tells about the monuments of the temple architecture of the city of Pskov, about how the destroyed temples are trying to restore and "revive" restorers, church ministers, architects and artists.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The sun shines through the branches of the tree.

The building of the Orthodox church in Pskov.

The gates of the temple open, the interior view of the temple.

The boy reads the canon aloud.

View of the Orthodox church outside the city park.

The building of the Orthodox Cathedral.

The priest puts on a festive robe.

Parishioners in the church during the festive service on the day of the Holy Trinity.

View of the Orthodox monastery.

Types of streets of Pskov.

View of the Pskov Kremlin.

Vaults of the dungeon.

Monument to Kirov in Pskov.

Boarding passengers on the bus.

The bus driver is driving.

The bus passes by the temple.

Monument to A.S. Pushkin in Pskov.

People are standing at the entrance to the building.

A banner with a slogan on the wall of the building.

A girl with a twig in her hand is standing on the street.

A man carries a stroller with a child, a view of the monument to Lenin.

Chapel in the scaffolding.

Portrait of the restorer Yu.P. Spegalsky.

Crosses in the cemetery.

Portraits on the wall.

Spegalsky talks about the peculiarities of the restoration of Orthodox churches, about his work on the restoration of churches, about the spiritual wealth of Russia (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Fans in the window frame.

Spegalsky in headphones.

A window in the wall of the temple.

A tombstone leaning against the wall of the temple.

Types of Orthodox churches in Pskov.

Icon of the Mother of God in the hall of the museum.

Panorama of electrical wires.

The icon is in the museum.

The reflection of the temple in the water.

Icons in the museum's exposition.

View of one of the Orthodox churches in Pskov.

A fragment of the decoration of the church building in the museum exposition.

A dead bird.

The gate bell tower at the entrance to the monastery is in scaffolding.

View from the arch to a part of the monastery territory.

Parts of the salaries of the icons being restored.

The restoration process of the icon, the restorer at work.

Interior view of the room in which the monks-restorers work.

One of the restorers tells about the secret prayers of people during religious holidays in the USSR (synchronously and behind the scenes).

View of part of the territory of the ancient cemetery.

Remains of buildings.

Restorers at work.

The icon is on the lectern in the temple, there is a candlestick with burning candles nearby.

The priest is preparing for the service.


Spegaljskij Yurij Pavlovich -- architect, artist, restorer

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Pskov region [797]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The clergyman conducts a lesson on church hymns with the children.

Panorama of a wall with broken plaster, an icon of St.

Nicholas the Wonderworker on the wall.

The image of an Orthodox cross on the ceiling of the vault, cracks on the walls.

The interior of the temple, icons and candles on tables along the walls (panorama).

Part of the wall with peeling paint.

Memorial cross in the forest.

A burning candle in front of the cross.

Clergy and parishioners gathered for a memorial service at the cross in the forest.

Orthodox church on the shore of the reservoir.

A room with bells on the walls and under the ceiling.

A man is sitting at a table (with his back).

Figures carved from wood on the windowsill.

View of the temple, grass on the shore.

Exhibits of the Museum of Local Lore.

The censer at the icon.

The temple on the shore of the reservoir.

Landscape with a lake.

Summer landscapes at sunset.

A peasant plows the land with a plough.

Grazing sheep.

The blacksmith at work.

A stump with bare roots that have come out of the ground.


The monk's face.

Water in the stream.

An overgrown path leading to the temple.

The monk is sitting in the courtyard of the house, his arguments about good and evil and the road leading to the temple are heard behind the scenes.

Slate sheets in the yard.

The monk's face.

Panorama of the forest.

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Pskov region [797]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Rides in the park.

Animators in costumes during the holiday.

View of a part of the Pskov Kremlin wall.

The pipeline is behind the garages.

Part of the Ferris wheel.

Young people dance around the campfire at night.

Summer landscape, the domes of Orthodox churches are visible through the fog.

A man drinks water from a forest stream, a panorama of the stream.

Memorial crosses in the forest.

View of a part of the old cemetery.

Open doors, wooden stairs.

The church in the cemetery, the remains of the crypt wall.

Removing the lock from the doors of the temple.

Children enter the temple.

The boy reads the church canon during the service (synchronously).

The priest makes the sign of the cross over himself.

Children's faces.

A child on a bicycle rides along the cemetery path between the graves.

Children in the autumn park.

People on the embankment.

Water in the river.

Panorama of the Pskov Kremlin wall on the river bank.

A priest with a censer walks around the temple and the worshippers.

Icons in the museum's exposition.

Whitewashed walls inside the restored temple.

A priest with a censer walks around the parishioners.

The view of the empty iconostasis, the interior of the restored temple, the icon on the lectern.

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Pskov region [797]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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