Nothing more. (1987)

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Producer LSDF

Director: A. Sokurov

Operators: A. Burov, L. Rozhin, A. Grachev, L. Krasnova


The film tells about the cooperation between the USSR, USA, UK during the Second World War. The film was filming the following: a meeting of Roosevelt and I. Stalin in Tehran (1943g.), Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin at Yalta, A. Hitler in the church. Stayed British Prime Minister Chamberlain Germany. Personnel chronicles World War II: fighting in Poland. Meeting Stalin and Winston Churchill at the Kremlin. Protecting London from air attack Nazis during the war. Bombing of London. Actions in the air aviation UK. Fighting Nazi troops on the territory of the USSR in the first months of the war. Columns of Soviet prisoners of war. The occupation of Ukraine. Fighting Soviet troops. Defense of Moscow. Stayed Foreign Minister England Anthony Eden in Moscow. Fighting British troops in North Africa. Participation in the Second World War Japan (the bombing of Pearl Harbour Island). Stay Molotov in London, Washington. Military aircraft construction in the United States. Economic assistance to allies the U.S. and UK USSR delivery vehicles cargo ships in the port of Murmansk, the landing of Allied troops in Normandy. The Battle of Stalingrad. Speech Song and Dance Ensemble of the Red Army. Martial actions of Soviet partisans. Funeral Roosevelt. Liberation of Paris. The signing of the UN Charter. Battle for Berlin. Signing Keitel surrender. Potsdam Conference. Stalin and Truman.

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Key words

World War II. The Great Patriotic War. Germany. Economic ties. USA. UK. France. Poland. Political ties. City.