Salute to Spain! (1985)

Documentary №50361, 6 parts
Production: LSDF
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Yu. Zanin
Screenwriters:B.Dobrodeev, N.Shishlin
Camera operators:N. Volkov
Sound mixer:L.Lerner


The picture of the civil war in Spain based on the memories of the soldiers and commanders of brigades, "volunteers of liberty" from Spain, USSR, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria.

Reel №1

Newsreel: hits Brigades in


On the podium D. Ibarruri and Jose Diaz.



At a table talking pilot Adolfo de Arellano, who fought for the republic, and the Mayor of

Valencia Elias Hernandez. E. Lister - one of the commanders of the Republican army rides in the car.

Newsreel: The militias are trained to shoot fascist rally go interbrigadovtsev column.

E. Lister says.

Soviet veteran - interbrigadovets Ivanov.

Newsreel: German Legion "Condor", the German pilots bombed the Spanish city, people running down the street, lie the corpses.

Demonstration in support of Republican Spain in the city of

Moscow and Leningrad.

Says Czech-interbrigadovets Vladislav Vlacil.

Newsreel: meeting Daladier, Neville Chamberlain, classes interbrigadovtsev drill training.

Says Bulgarian interbrigadovets Kirillov-Ivanov.

Newsreel: interbrigadovtsy soldiers go into battle, shoot, build tankers, tankers running to the tanks, the disguise.

The fate of the Soviet tank in Spain, says former Soviet interbrigadovets P. Milin.

Photos marshals AI Rodimtsev, Meretskov, Malinovsky, who fought in Spain.

Newsreel: unloading a Soviet ship in the Spanish port interbrigadovtsy distribute children sitting at the table eating, dancing.

Chamberlain read naval agreement between Britain and Germany; Neville Chamberlain and Benito Mussolini.

Interbrigadovets says John Tettey.

Newsreel: interbrigadovtsy run, shoot, carry the wounded.

Kirillov-Ivanov said.

Newsreel: children embrace interbrigadovtsev.

Key words

2nd World War.
The Spanish Civil War.

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