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Reel №1

Summer, Moscow, stele "Conquerors of Space" at the bottom of the bas-reliefs.

Panorama from the top of the stele at the monument to the founder of modern astronautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

Pictures, records made by the hand of Tsiolkovsky, his photographs.

The interiors of the Museum of Cosmonautics.

Monument to the chief designer of space rocket systems Academician SP Korolev.

Academician M.N.Koroleva mother talks about his childhood and adolescence son (sinhr.).

Odessa, ships in port, the Potemkin Steps, monument Novorossiysk Governor-General AE Richelieu, passing cars.

Boats float on the sea.

The former stroyprofshkoly number 1, where he studied SPKorolyov.

Commemorative plaque on the wall.

Summer of

Kiev Polytechnic Institute building, a panorama of the old high-rise home.

Summer, Moscow Higher Technical School building (School), students in front of the building.

General aircraft A.K.Antonov in his office about a young Sergei Korolev, the construction of their gliders (sinhr.).

Summer of

Kaluga, interiors House Museum Tsiolkovsky.

Moscow, boy on bike rides around the yard house number 19 on the street Garden - Spassky.

Forest glade under the settlement.

Nahabino (Moscow reg.) Inscription on a stone "at this place in 1933, the Bank launched the first Soviet rockets" 09 "AND" GIRD-X ".

Newsreels: 1913., Aviator Sergei Utochkin demonstrates its flights, the audience on the field, S.Utochkina plane rises into the sky; 1913 1915gg., Hydroaviation base in Odessa;  1920s.

Glider takes off from the Earth, flying over the water; 1920s., Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, talking with visitors at his home in Kaluga; 1933. Launch experimental rockets in a forest glade (under Nahabino);  1950s., Draftsmen behind the boards, build a spaceship in the factory; 04.10.1957g., Launch of the first artificial Earth satellite.

Key words

Landscapes. Aviation industry. Road transport. Maritime transport. Cities, towns. Astronomy and Space. Architecture. Sculpture. Vocational education. Museums.