Courage Festival.. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sluckiy M.

Operators: Lozovskiy E., Oshurkov M.

Composers: Solovev-Sedoy V.

Text writers: Trifonov U.


About a festival of the Day of Air Force of the USSR in Tushino.

Historical background

July 20, 1958 at the airfield in the town Tushino aviaparad held on the day of the air fleet.

Reel №1

Landscape plans.

Camp athletes participating in an air show in Tushino.

Athletes-parachutist Tatiana Soldadze (world champion in parachuting), Zinaida Zharinova, Valentine Rybalko Valentine Ruleva - different.

Romanian pilot Stefan batters, a Soviet pilot Chivkin - different.

Pilots bathe.

The audience is going to aviaparada in Tushino.

Arrival at the parade of party and government: Comrade Suslov, KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev and others.

Home parade.

Flying balloons, helicopters with flags, portraits and slogans.

Pilots, glider pilots, parachutists ready for the show.

Pass visitors - foreign athletes.

Holiday open planes bearers.

In the air - glider.

Reel №2

Air parade in Tushino.

Speech Master of acrobatic maneuvers Finesku Mircea (Romania), Polish glider Tadeunek Slivaka, Hungarian glider E. Kosh, glider pilot Jerzy Adalika (Poland) and the Soviet pilot Vasili Ryakhovsky.

Stands glider Sergei Anokhin.

Playing 12 glider pilots.

Among them - the Honoured Master of Sports Marina Pylaeva.

Flying a helicopter design "MI-6", "YAK-24", "K-15", "MI-1", "K-10".

Aerialists Donat Morus and student Vasily Gulyaev Institute of Physical Education Exercise.

The audience applauded.

Reel №3

The air design Rafaelyazhtsa "flying table".

Tarpan pilot Yuri sortie "flying table".

In the air - the pilot Fedor Belushkin.

The flight following the first Soviet pilot Boris Isidorovich Rossinsky.

Speech Romanian athlete Konstantin Mapolake.

Playing Czechoslovak pilots acrobats Miroslav Prishkril Karel Krench, Vyacheslav Kadlchek Miroslav Poglidal.

In the air - Czechoslovak pilots Frantishok Novak, Jaroslav Gudets glider, Soviet athletes Korobov and Davydenko, Romanian pilots Shteran Caloto, Simon Otsoyu Dngu and Constantine.

Nine acts Soviet athletes, pilots, led by Anna Bodryashnoy.

Among female athletes - M. Vasiliev.

In the air, a group led by the aircraft Paul Chivkinym.

P. Chivkin turns to his friends with the signal to begin the exercise (synchronously).

Exercise in the air.

Athletes - Nikolai Davydov.

Reel №4

City Tushino.

The parade of new cars of Civil Aviation.

Fly planes "TU-114", "Tu-104A", "IL-18", "AN-10", "Bee".

Designers Tupolev, Mikoyan and Yakovlev, Lavochkin watch the flight.

Skydivers Sergey Kiselev and Yuri Ageyev make simultaneous jump with two aircraft.

In the air, Bulgarian paratroopers Emmanuel Georgiev, Nikolay Andreev, Ilya Georgiev.

Athlete Alexander Dunaev jumps from "half loop Nesterov."

Czechoslovak athlete stands Bozhivoy Veyvara, runs combined acrobatic leap.

Group jump.

Athletes - T. Soldadze, W. Helm, Margaret Solodushnikova, Zoe Zharinova Valentin Rybalko.



Davydov, H. Zharinova, VA Rybalko working.


Red Square.