Tsiolkovsky's scientific heritage. (1983)

Documentary №50809, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:30
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Camera operators:G.Chumakov
Other authors:M.Romanova (muljtiplikaciya), N.Kuznecov (zvuk.)


A film about the scientific heritage of Tsiolkovsky, was commissioned by the Museum of Cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky. The film includes newsreels, photographs, drawings, mathematical calculations, the texts of the technical descriptions, diary entries, animation illustrating scientific ideas and concepts learned.

Reel №1

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Archive Storage USSR. Text autobiography Tsiolkovsky.

City of Moscow.

The building and the reading rooms of the State Lenin Library.

Kaluga City.

Building and premises Space Museum.


Visitors view the exhibits in the halls.

Monument to Tsiolkovsky.

Personnel chronicles.

The audience enters the theater, "Illusion".

The audience in the auditorium watching the scene on the stage. [Years 1908-1914], Moscow.

On Red Square, passing horse-drawn vehicles, retail space, filled with people.


Archive Storage USSR. Recharging an electric vehicle powered by solar energy on a city street.

Electric movement on the street.

A scientist working on a solar cell device.

Research unit for underwater research based on a deep dive.

Crew members at the instruments, leaving the apparatus for the study of the seabed.

Passage of a vehicle hovercraft on land and water.

Airfield airfield lights.

Plane in the air.

Pilot in the cockpit, autopilot works.

Kaluga City.

Building, facilities and exposure House Museum Tsiolkovsky.

City street in winter.

Personnel chronicles. [1910].

Test glider in a foreign country.

U.S. [New York], 1937.

Disaster airship "Graf Zeppelin": The Rise of the airship, dirigible burning on the ground.


Archive Storage USSR.

View of Earth from space.

Personnel chronicles.

Booster at the start.

President of the USSR and MVKeldysh SPKorolyov near the entrance to the spaceship.

SPKorolyov rises on a lift.

Key words

Solar energy.
Road transport.
Maritime transport.
Air transport.
Aeronautic devices.

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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