Ordinary Beauty.. (1985)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V.KUZNECOV

Operators: Vyach.KUZNECOV


The film tells about the beauty

Reel №1

Water landscapes river Nerl

The first part

Spring gushes out of the earth.

Reflection of the girl's face in the water.

Reflection of plants in water well (removed from verh.tochki).

Flowing creek.

Along the river running girl in a red sundress with a bouquet of wildflowers.

River, floats on the water surface the boat.


Water drops on the leaves of plants.

River Nerl grassed.

On the shore in the bush lies elk, heard the singing of the nightingale, to water down the beaver.

Rural landscape.

Spider in a web.

Boats on the shore.

Cuckoo cuckoo.

Fishermen catch fish.

River landscape in the background village houses, cocks crow.

Village street passing cyclist.

Antonovna Barchenkova love looking out the window of his house.

PNRM. River (the beauty of the river says L.A.Barchenkova, behind the scenes).

Clouds reflected in the water.

In a boat floating down the river man.

Village street runs a group of children, is a woman.

Cat on a fence.

House among the trees.

The sun is shining through the branches of a tree.

Forester Mikhail Petrovich Riabinin floats in a boat on the river.

Blooming lilies in the water.

Water expanse of the river Nerl, quacking ducks, nightingales sing, flowering branches of bushes.


Blooming lily.

Pine grove on the shore

The second part

Rural landscape in the foreground, the grain field.

On the Hillside herd of cows in the background, the dome of the temple.

Cleaning grain crop harvesters.

Stacking stacker.

Installing sprinklers.

On the River Nerl haystack horse grazes.

Reflection of the girl's face in the water.

Monument to those killed in the Great Patriotic War, the eternal flame.

Rostov Kremlin towers, sightseers pass through its territory.

Blooming daisies in a field.

Grain field.

Archaeologists work.

Blooming field.

Nerl River forests and copses.

Girl goes on blossoming field with a basket filled to the brim with mushrooms.

Strawberry Field, women harvest. M.P.Ryabinin floats down the river in a boat.

Teens dive from the shore into the water.

Group swimmers adolescents.

Girls bathe the horses.

Over water expanses river sunshine (over: Chaliapin sings).

Dragonfly on a meadow Kashka.

Herd of cows on the bank.

Boy watered a horse in a river.

The sunset, foreground village houses the temple.

Boys in the night, lit a bonfire.

Moon in the night sky.