Probeda that lurk.. (1993)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V.Man

Operators: I.Krilov


Film about the history of rocketry and astronautics.

Reel №1

Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, one of the founders of space technology V.E.Chertok tells about the history of rocketry, designers of the first (behind the scenes).

The first chief of the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Space K.A.Kerimov talks about the military's role in the development of missile and space technology in the USSR (synchronous and over).

Different types of air-space shuttle "Buran".

Rise of "Buran".

Shop's missile, the rocket work.

Installing missiles at the site.

Rocketeer in the ranks, running towards missiles mounted on trucks.

Tractors move along a dirt road.

Rocket launch, launch.

Rocket explosion at the landfill.

Rescue of injured servicemen and charred.

Firefighters extinguish a fire and burning people.

Lit building, burning asphalt.

Submarine at sea.

Rocket flies.

Military range in Kazakhstan steppe.

The span of a helicopter above the polygon.

Command and test system.

Remote control of the complex.

Rocket launch, launch.

Sky, clouds, view the earth from space.

Aerospace Show on Krasnaya Presnya.

Customers visiting the exhibition.

Night Moscow.

Movement of vehicles.

Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin.

Lenin's Mausoleum.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Pilot-Cosmonaut P.I.Klimuk in the office of the astronauts and the military.

Personnel chronicles.

Germany. 1944-45.

Production processes in the workshop for the construction of missiles, experts from the rocket.

Launch of ballistic missile V-2. Missile in flight.

Baltic coast landscape morya.A.Gitler speaks to German soldiers.


Potsdam. G.Trumen Churchill, Stalin, Molotov, Kuznetsov participate in the Berlin Conference.

Moscow. 1945 Nikita Khrushchev, N.A.Bulganin and Beria on the mausoleum welcomed the demonstrators. 1950s.

SPKorolyov IVKurchatov talking in the garden. 1956

Test R-5. SPKorolyov with employees at the site.

Secret launch rockets in a forest.

Missile launch from the ship, from the mine.

Nuclear explosion. 1959

USA. Washington, DC,.

Official visit of Khrushchev.

Khrushchev at a reception at the White House by President Dwight Eisenhower.

Present Nixon. 1960s.

Yuri Gagarin talking on the phone.

Gagarin travel with an escort of a jubilant crowd.

May Day demonstration on Red Square.

Khrushchev cornfield among farmers. 1970s.


Brezhnev out of the car.

Key words

Astronautics. Armed forces. Political ties. World War II.