Story about Terezin.. (1983)

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The film tells the story of a military town Terezin, which was built in Czechoslovakia based architecture design French fortresses and is a fortress for political prisoners and prisoners of war in 1940 1945gg.

Reel №1

The film includes shooting: commemorative plaque, laid Emperor Joseph Tero October 6, 1680.

The surviving pictures, construction drawings Little and Big fortress Terezin.

Photos of the first zaklyuchennnyh received from the city

Prague 1940godu, political prisoners, prisoners of war.

Fotoportety chief of the Small Fortress Terezin G.Yohera, terozinskogo S.Royko executioner.

Fotoportety communist poet Ivan [Yavara] connected Mlada Piksovoy executed in the fortress during WWII. B / W to / t 1940 err.

Large building forts, which during WWII "Jewish ghetto."

The Nazis held on the territory of the fortress. b / w photos 1940 err. - Jewish settlers. k / m b / w 1940 - documentary footage of promotional films about everyday life in the Jewish ghetto.

The place of execution of prisoners in the courtyard of the Small Fortress.

Personal belongings of prisoners.

Drawings of children who died in Theresienstadt.

Interior and exterior of the building a secret plant "Richard" in Litomerzhitse produces tanks "Tiger" and self-propelled guns "Panther", built Terozina prisoners. b / w photos (1945) - Soviet tanks on the streets of Teresina. b / w photos released prisoners.

Key words

City. Architecture. The Second World War. Places of detention. Repression. Graphics. Defense industry. Engineering.