TV encyclopedia "In the Soviet Union." Roads of Friendship.. (1982)

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The film tells about the different regions of the Soviet Union.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Views of Moscow: streets, squares, monuments and buildings.

Landscapes of different regions of the country: mountains, forested, a herd of deer in the tundra, the birds fly above the river.

Plane lands on one of the airfields of the Far East.

Passengers out of the plane.

People traveling by boat on the river.

View of one of the villages (Nivkhs, Udeghes, Orochs?).

Members of one of the families of the village sitting at the table eating.

A group of sailors and girls on the streets of Vladivostok.

Tram passes over the bridge.

View of one of the districts.

Vehicular traffic on the streets.

The helicopter lands on a special landing site in the mountains.

Mining operations in the north of the country.

Street View of one of the villages in Chukotka.

Group of people in front of the local history museum.

General view of the nuclear power plant.

Interior view of the station premises.

Camels in the desert of Central Asia.

Types of


Group of people on Registan Square.

General view of the solar units.

The audience in the teahouse.

The cook prepares meat.

General view of the oriental bazaar.

Merchants offer their goods.

Embroidered with silver thread embroidery tyubiteyki.

Types of


The audience in one of the squares.

People buy flowers on the street.

The theater building.

General view of one of the Carpathian villages.

Two Gutsuliya play trembitas.

Sheep graze on the mountain slopes.

One type of motorways.

Types of


Hotel building in Uzhgorod.

Residents of the city streets.

Carpathians landscape.

Construction of a section of the Urengoy-Uzhgorod-Pamaro.

Part 2.

Construction of a section of the Urengoy-Uzhgorod-Pamaro.

General view of

Tbilisi, old and new districts, monuments, the Kura River.

Type of public transport and on the streets.

Sale of flowers in a flower stall.

General view of the prospect of Rustavi.

Government House, the Philharmonic Concert Hall.

Harvest Festival "Tbilisoba": the performance of folk dances, cooking a holiday meal, compliments brides, performance artists, puppeteers.

Type one of the Georgian villages.

Harvesting grapes in Georgia farms.

General view of


Urban transport on city streets.

Panorama of rustavskogomu Metallurgical Combine.

Production processes in the shops of the enterprise.

Panorama of mountains in Dagestan.

General view of one of the villages.

Chasers at work.

Kind of finished silver products.

View of the hotel and restaurant "Dagestan" in Makhachkala.

Public streets of the city.

People buy newspapers at a kiosk "Souzpechat."

View of the central square of Makhachkala, the Government House.

Part 3.

Herd of horses galloping across the river.

General view of the Russian landscape: field, river, cows graze on the beach, village, meadow with dandelions.

View of one of the towns on the river bank.

Type one of the villages Street. home residents on the street.

General view of one of the gas fields in Siberia.

Work rig.

BAM Construction: laying the path for one of the sites.

View of one of the villages of the builders of BAM.

Children walk on the court kindergarten, young artists sketching, work on building surveyors.

BAM winter landscape: hills, woods.

Views of Moscow: Moscow Kremlin, Kalinina, vehicular traffic, Hotel "Russia" movement Pleasure boats on the Moscow River, Yuri Gagarin monument in the square.

General view of Moscow (filmed from the observation deck of the Lenin Hills).

Key words

City. Rural settlements. City transport. Road transport and road. Water transport and road. Landscapes. Life. Family. Pre-school education. Trains. Air transport. Energy. Trade. Theatre. Pipelines. Livestock. Catering. Historical and architectural monuments. Folk festivals. Dance. Metallurgy. Print. Museum. Out of school education. Decorative and applied arts.