Art pottery.. (1982)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: L.Kupershmidt

Operators: V.Narovnyanskij

Other authors: Zvukooperator A.Romanov


The film tells the story of folk arts and crafts in the USSR.

Reel №1

The first part.


PNRM. Mountains.

Ancient temple in the mountains.

Man playing the traditional musical instruments (flute sync.)).

Archaeologists are digging in the mountains.

PNRM. by fragments of ceramic objects at the site.

Village in the mountains.

Woman bakes pita in a clay oven.

Old master makes pottery vessels.

PNRM. Clay jugs.


Car rides on a mountain road.

In the foreground wildflowers.

Settlement in the Imereti region - the center of pottery Georgia.

Masters pottery exhibit at the village market.

Tourists choose clay pots.

Local potter produces wine jug (churi), pours wine special ladle.

Artists painted clay pots in the studio (the production of black waxed ceramics).

The firing process in a sealed furnace pitchers.

PNRM. ready for ceramic jar set in the room.

The second part.


Field, forest, flowers (landscape).

PNRM. on pottery.

Village [Aposhnya] in Poltava region.

Local potters painted pottery, toys, floral pattern, color patterns, using different artistic techniques (agnob, colored glaze, etc.).

Master Averyanenko paints pottery figurines depicting animals, combining functional and decorative purpose.

Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine AF Felyuchenko for work in the studio for the production of national identity clay figurines.

Mountain river, mountains in the distance (landscape).

Exhibits at the Museum of Folk Art of Ukraine: handmade products: ceramic tableware, tiles for stoves of painted tiles, etc.



Masters painted pottery sharp awl, parts Červeny ornament cover (red-brown engobe), colored glaze after firing.

PNRM. on pottery vessels for life (pitchers pleskalki), painted ceramic products O.N.Bahmetyuka - renowned master Hutsul ceramics.

Family Ukrainian potters showing their work at their home.

The third part.


Rural landscape.

Man takes on the melody of folk musical instruments (flute sync.)), Sitting on the shore.

Girl weaves a wreath of wildflowers.

People choose and buy ceramics, wood and other materials.

PNRM. for thick-walled vessels of clay.


Masters painted pottery delicate floral ornaments using glaze coating relief.


Gonchar manufactures ceramic jugs in the workshop.

The young artist is working to create ceramic figurines folk themes.


Owl sitting on a tree.


Local craftsman makes pottery vessels proportional form with dry glaze powder.

The firing process finished clay objects.

People choose ceramics shop in arts and crafts, attend trade fairs of folk art in Riga.

Artists perform folk dances in the clearing during the exhibition (sinhr.).

Key words

Glass work and porcelain industry. Private trade. Arts and crafts. Rural settlements. Archaeology. Ethnography. Architecture. Exhibitions. Museums. Christianity. Amateur Art. Family. Standard of living.