Cinema artist Vladimir Yegorov.. (1975)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Marinova V.

Script writers: Gromov E.

Operators: Nikeljberg L.

Composers: Krivcov V.


The film tells about the most significant works of cinema artist V. E. Egorov. The film includes footage of films, photos and sketches of the artist.

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Reel №1

Photo By V. Egorov.

The drawings for the various performances.

Room of the Museum, stands with photos.

The figure for the production of "Blue bird".

Stagehands set decoration.

Sketches for "the Bluebird."


The alternation of costume sketches and drawings of the characters, the actors prepare for the play.

The sketches for "hamlet".

Sketches for the Opera "Sadko".

Trailer of the film "the picture of Dorian gray".

The photo frame of the movie.

Outline and write.

Split screen: picture of the auditorium, the film on the screen.

The frames of the film "Tsar Ivan the terrible" (1915, dir.

By A. Ivanov Guy).

Footage of the movie "Lady and the hooligan" (1918, dir. I. E. Slavinsky, V. Mayakovsky).

Film footage of the "Ghost haunting Europe" (1922, dir. V. R. Gardin).

An article in the magazine.

The manuscript of the article.

Sketches and writing.

Poster and photos for the film "Conveyor of death", "Thirteen".

The frames of the film "Thirteen" (1936, dir. M. I. Romm).

The poster of the film "We are from Kronstadt".


Footage film "We from Kronstadt" (1936, dir. E. L. Dzigan).

Sketches for the Comedy "the government Inspector" and "the lion Gurych Sinichkin".


The Chaliapin F. I. -- Russian Opera singer, actor, first people's artist of the Republic.
Vladimir Mayakovsky-poet, playwright, screenwriter, Director, actor, artist, editor.
Egorov, V. E.-artist and theater designer, people's artist of the RSFSR.

Reel №2

Sketches for the play "guilty Without guilt".

The frames of the film "guilty Without guilt" (1945, dir. V. M. Petrov).


The frames of the film "Stepan Razin" (1933, dir. K. I. Pravov, O. I. Preobrazhenskaya).


Sketches for the film "Suvorov".

The frames of the film "Suvorov" (1940, dir. V. I. Pudovkin, M. I. Doller).

People sit in the hall.

The alternation tells ad Smut, photography, sketches for the film "Suvorov", the frames of the film.

Hall of the Museum.

Poster and photos for the film "Admiral Nakhimov".


The alternation of frames of film Kutuzov (1943, dir. V. M. Petrov), sketches for the film.

Photo By V. Egorov.


Cherkasov N. P. - Opera singer, actor of theatre and cinema.
Golovnya A. D. -- the filmmaker, theorist, writer, and teacher, doctor of arts, Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored worker of arts of RSFSR.