The City of Wonders. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Varlamov L.

Script writers: Shpikovskiy N.

Operators: Khalushakov R., Sher B.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


About the opening of thre Exhibition of Economic Achievements on June 16, 1959.

Historical background

June 16, 1959 was opened by the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH). By the thousands for the rally was made by the head of the Soviet Government, NS Khrushchev.

Temporary description

June 16, 1969 Preparations for the opening of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements: mow the lawn, water the sidewalks, flowers. Fountain "Stone Flower", "Friendship of Peoples". Rally to mark the opening of the exhibition. Acts Khrushchev (synchronously). Hall of Chemistry. Visitors at the nuclear reactor. Pavilion engineering. Map of the country's energy, diamond deposits in Yakutia. Pavilion of "Science". Layout stotonnogo converter, electric furnace, solar power. The main pavilion. Painting "Storm of the Winter", "All power to the Soviets." Layouts and Krasnoyarsk Kremenchug HPP. Assembly engineers. Speakers: the owner-driver of the 1st draft of Power Lenin PI Voevodin, Minister of Power Plant Construction Novikov. Motopoezda at the exhibition. Visitors in trailers, inspect aircraft TU-104, boating, people fish the fish are sitting in the summer cafe. Demonstration of animals: cows, sheep and pigs. Stand with bread, potatoes. Demonstration of agricultural machinery. Pavilion mechanization. Meeting of communist labor brigades Moscow factories and plants in one of the days of the show. Coal combine in the Soviet pavilion at the Brussels Exhibition. Domna-machine, medical diagnostic device. Electronic computers. Visitors to the cinema pie pan. Screen. Charges the film projectionist. The movie. Pavilion of the chemical industry. Exhibits. Demonstration of products from fiberglass, polystyrene. Pavilion construction. Customers visiting the apartment kitchen. U.S. Vice President Nixon at the exhibition. Pavilion "Space".

Reel №1

ENEA at dawn - LS.

Cloudy sky at sunrise - LS.

Exhibition morning.

Central entrance at ENEA - MS., PNRM.

Mowing the lawn at the exhibition.

Machine wash sidewalks at ENEA.

Janitor watering flowers and trees - LS.

Blooming roses and phlox on lawns and flowerbeds.

Fountain "Stone Flower» - MS., LS.

Fountain "Friendship of Peoples", there are a lot of people.

PNRM. the pavilion of the USSR (top to bottom), the people gathered in the square - LS.

Rally of workers in the area at the main pavilion in honor of the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements (ENEA).

At the rally, advocates NS Khrushchev (synchronously).

Representatives at the meeting of the Union Republics - MS., CU.

Visitors to the pavilion stands examine the exhibits.

Grid layout of the RSFSR, mosaic map of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, fossil specimens.

Scheme of chemical chain reaction in the pavilion "Science."

Man demonstrates production microwire layout of the original media at 30 000 tonnes, layout stotonnogo converter for cooking steel the 80-ton electric furnace, a model of the solar power plant.

Radio powered by solar energy.

Visitors to the main pavilion ENEA.

Flags of the Union Republics in the pavilion.

Pictures of the Great October Revolution in the pavilion, pictures and models of powerful hydro and thermal power station, Krasnoyarsk and Kremenchug HPP - LS., CU.

The achievements of the Soviet Union in the field of energy speak participants Energostroiteley three generations: P. Voevodin, a member of the first Lenin Enrolment Energy, Minister of Power Plant Construction IT Novikov.

Visitors view a map of electrification of the USSR.

Reel №2

Girl shakes hands with a robot - MS.

Visitors go boating on the pond ENEA.

Anglers fishing rod fishing in the pond at the exhibition.

Cafe on the edge of the pond - LS.

Showing pet-champions on the output range of the exhibition.

Visitors to the pavilion inspect sheep.

Attendant at the hatchery holds in the palm of little chickens.

Chickens in the boxes.

Little girls keep chickens.

Coop with white chickens - MS. PNRM.

Show pigs on the output range.

Pig, Hero of Socialist Labor, AE Lyuskova the exhibition tells about his experience to young swineherd.

Visitors from the map.

PNRM. for the exhibition, many of the people at the show - LS. (With a / t).

Visitors at the exhibition of different nationalities - MS., CU.

Motopoezda open carriages on view exhibitions - LS., MS.

Visitors in trailers.

Scooters for visitors, the driver tells passengers about the Soviet Era.

Pavilion of the Byelorussian SSR, the Tajik SSR - LS.

The aircraft "TU-104" at the Industrial area (with us).

Visitors climb into the plane.

Black swans in the pool at the show - MS.

According to the exhibition is a robot - LS., MS., CU.

A film crew is filming in ENEA with I. Ilyinsky.

I. Ilyinsky acted in an episode of the film.

Poster - CU. PNRM.

PNRM. the room in the pavilion kukuruzovodstva - MS.

Visitors to the pavilion.

Cobs - CU. PNRM.

Portraits machine NF Manurovskogo and AV Titolova in the pavilion.

Stand corn sectional Abdul Sailov Zarmaeva of the farm "Dzhalka" Chechen-Ingush Republic, Zarmaev talking with visitors.

Kazakh Kolkhoz Niyazov farm "40 October" Alma-Ata region shows visitors corn.

Stand with samples of wheat virgin land, visitors to the stand - PNRM.

Checking the baking qualities of virgin grains in the laboratory.

Stand with baked bread - LS.

Farmers and managers of collective farms represented at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, chat, share experience, the collective farm chairman "Comintern" Tambov region.

EI Andreev in Hall talks to collective farmers.

Three times Hero of Socialist Labor, the collective farm chairman Khamrakul Tursunkulov pavilion Cotton talking to the driver.

Reel №3

Display of agricultural machinery in the open area ENEA.

The pilot area demonstrates a tractor system inventor Loginova Visitors inspect vehicles in the pavilion "Engineering» - LS., MS.

Showing sample machines for planting vegetables square-cluster method.

Turner-innovator BM French pavilion showcases his ceramic cutter.

Ceramic cutter - CU.

Works upgraded machine.

Meeting members of communist labor brigades Moscow factories to exchange experiences at ENEA.

Speakers: Brigadier Alferov, Eugene Malyshev Mamlekov, Brigadier Pozdnyakov (synchronously).

The exhibition in the pavilion shows the mechanization unit, awarded the Lenin Prize.

Demonstrated computer-controlled machine.

Visitors at jig-boring machine with program control.

Automatic line complex of nine units.

One operator controls the entire line - MS., CU.

Reel №4

Visitors to the Soviet pavilion at the Brussels exhibition explore a fully automated mine.

Visitors' faces.

Details of the coal miner at work.

Visitors to the layout of the blast furnace inspected ENEA-machine devices medical diagnostics.

A young man demonstrates the medical diagnostic device.

Screen device - CU.

Electronic machine playing chess with chess.

Electronic data performs her job.

Automatic layout of thermal power plant.

Remote control synchrocyclotron.

Computer for driving trains.

Machine translator.

Stand with semiconductors.

The exhibition features a TV.

The audience includes the cinema.

Movie screen.

Projectionists charge projectors.

The audience krugoramnogo theater.

Demonstrates krugoramny film.

Visitors to the pavilion of the chemical industry - LS.

Stands with fabrics, furs, shoes made of artificial materials.

Synthetic nylon - a substitute for rubber.

Demonstrates the strength of the nylon thread.

Tires made of synthetic rubber.

Models of chemical plants show the transformation of matter into another.

Reel №5

An excerpt from the popular science film on the chemical transformations of matter, of a chain reaction, a synthetic substance.

Products made of Micarta, replacing metals, plastic soda fountain - feolita.

Visitors view products from fiberglass.

At the exhibition manufacture plastic products made of polystyrene.

Plastic products for domestic use.

Indicative room in which all the plastic.

Pavilion construction section of the exhibition, where a full-size apartments are shown of one, two and three rooms for one family.

Rooms are furnished with light furniture - PNRM., LS., MS.

Building a house of finished parts - LS., CU., MS.

New residential areas - LS.

Foreigners at ENEA - LS., MS., CU.

Pavilion "peaceful atom» - LS., CU.

Models of nuclear fission.

Models of equipment for producing neutrons.

Synchrotron - LS.

Animation: diagram of the synchrotron.

Layout of the world's first nuclear power plant.

Layout of the second Soviet nuclear power plant by 600 thousand kilowatts.

Visitors view the current nuclear reactor in the pavilion of the exhibition.

The guide provides an explanation.

Reel №6

Stands with the instrumentation, which are based on the properties of radioactive isotopes.

Demonstrates how to check the filling tubes and thickness uniformity of tissue filled with fluid opaque vessels.

Mechanical hands work with radioactive substances (with a protective wall employee performs the hand movements that mimic the mechanical arm).

Protective suits for people working with radioactive materials.

Scanning infected human radiation.

Instrument for determining infestation beeps.

Layout icebreaker "Lenin".

Atomic icebreaker "Lenin" on the high seas - LS.

Master of the icebreaker Polar Ponomariov on board - CU.

Soviet flag on the nuclear icebreaker "Lenin» - CU.

The Soviet pavilion at the international exhibition in Kabul.

PNRM. the building.

Visitors to the pavilion - MS., CU.

British MPs, Labour Geytskel and Bevan at ENEA in Hall "peaceful atom", U.S. Vice President Nixon met in the pavilion with the peaceful use of the atom in the USSR.

Operate mechanical arms - CU.

Foreign visitors make entries in a book on the Soviet Era.

Model III artificial satellite in Hall of Science - PNRM., MS.

Models I-st, II and III satellites.

Container missiles - CU., PNRM.

Sculptures of dogs that rose into space on a rocket.

Adults and children in Hall of Science - MS., CU.

Pupils in the model of the future spaceship - MS., CU.

Starship - CU.

Pioneer and the old man in the pavilion - CU.

Foreign tourists in the container missile, rises to 400 km.

Layout space rocket, launched on January 2, 1959 and became the artificial planet - satellite of the Sun.

Scheme of Earth's magnetic field.

Flight pattern Soviet rocket to the moon.

A copy of the pennant of the Soviet Union, delivered a rocket to the moon - CU., Hitting.

NS Khrushchev presents a gift copy of the Soviet pennant delivered to the moon, U.S. President Eisenhower, during his stay in the U.S..

ENEA - LS. (The plane).