Solidarity and Fraternity. (1959)

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The Delegation of the Antiochian Orthodox Church on a visit to His Holiness Alexis II Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

Historical background

In the evening on July 14, 1959 in Moscow, a delegation arrived from Damascus Antiochian Orthodox Church. The delegation was headed by His Beatitude the Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Theodosius IV. During his stay the church delegation visited a number of cities and churches first took part in worship, visited the summer residence of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexei, and then departed for home.

Temporary description

Moscow. July 14, 1959. The visit of the delegation of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, headed by the Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Theodosius VI. Meeting at the airport. Of welcoming the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy. The guests visited the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Krutitskii among present and Kolomna Nicholas, sightseeing of the city, Metro, Moscow State University, the State Tretyakov Gallery, Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR, the Trinity Lavra of Sergeyev. Alexis, Theodosius VI in the service in the monastery. Visiting Moscow Theological Academy. Visiting members of the Antioch delegation of Leningrad. Receiving the delegation Metropolitan of Leningrad and Ladoga Pitirim. Inspection of the cathedrals, churches of the city, Peterhof. Church delegation in Kiev, Odessa. Sightseeing.

Reel №1

Night Moscow.

Night airport, airplane taxis "TU-104".

Greeters at the airport: Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy, Metropolitan Nicholas Krutitskii and Kolomna, and other church leaders.

Out of the plane of the Antiochian Orthodox Church delegation.

The delegation was led by His Beatitude Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Theodosius IV.

Greeters greet the delegation (night plans).

Passing cars with guests (night plans).

Antioch delegation on a visit in Moscow Patriarch Alexy.

The building of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Alex greets guests.

The table at the reception there: Theodosius IV, Metropolitan Zahlessky and Baalbeksky Nifon Saba, Metropolitan Ignatius Epifaniysky Hreik and other companions of the patriarch.

Kolomna and Metropolitan Nicholas Krutitskii.

Guests get acquainted with Moscow.

Gorky Street - MS.

Machines with guests passing in the Soviet area to the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky.

Yury Dolgoruky Monument - CU.

Against the background of the fountain are the delegates are looking at a monument to the City Council building.

Sverdlov Square, the Bolshoi Theatre.

On Sverdlov Square are guests.

Guests enter the metro station "Okhotny number."

Visitors descend on the escalator in the metro.

Chandeliers at the station - CU.

Guests in the train station.

Guests visiting the new district of Moscow - the South-West.

New homes.

Construction of new homes.


The building of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Guests at the Department of Ancient church painting is considered old icons: Icon of the Annunciation - XII century Our Lady of Vladimir - XII century.

Ivanov's painting "The Appearance of Christ to the people", the details of the picture.

Guests at ENEA - the general plan of the exhibition.

Guests pass through the central avenue of the exhibition.

Guests in the electrification of the USSR pavilion.

The guests in the pavilion of the Academy of Sciences of looking at the model of artificial satellites.

Guests ride in Zagorsk.

Ride car on country road.

Various plans of cathedrals Trinity Sergius Lavra in Zagorsk.

Trinity Cathedral.

Cathedral of the Assumption.

People waiting at the church.

Out of the car Theodosius IV.

The solemn service in all three temples (synchronously).

Reel №2

The dome of the Cathedral of the Assumption in Zagorsk.

Service on the street at the porch of the Cathedral of the Assumption.

Guests at the service.

The crowd of worshipers at the temple.

Patriarch Alexy blesses the people-PNRM.

Held in the ceremonial garb patriarchs.

In Laura patriarchs at the reception of the Patriarch Alexy standing listen to the welcome speech of Patriarch Alexy (synchronously).

Listen to the Patriarch and Metropolitan Theodosius IV Saba - CU.

Alex sends icon Theodosia IV.

Theodosius IV delivers speech feedback (simultaneously in French).

Inspection of the monastery of Zagorsk: guests at the grave professors of the Moscow Theological Academy.

Guests are locked Theological Seminary.

The building of the Theological Academy.

Patriarch Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow.

Theodosius IV goes to the altar of the cathedral with the patriarchs.

Patriarch Theodosius IV, Patriarch Alexy conducts services.

The Cathedral of patriarchs and many worshipers.

Chant (synchronously).

Ceremonial robes Theodosius IV.


Theodosius IV blesses worshipers.

After the end of the service icon Alexis gave Theodosius IV and addressed him with greetings (synchronously).

Responsible Theodosius IV (synchronously).

Reel №3

Stay church delegation in Leningrad.

The city of Leningrad - LS. with a / t

Palace Square - LS.

Alexandria post.

Sculpture of an angel on the Alexandria column.

Embankment of the Neva, Peter and Paul Fortress.

Residence of the Metropolitan of Leningrad and Ladoga Pitirim.

Church delegation on a visit to Metropolitan Pitirim.

Patriarch Theodosius IV greets Pitirim - MS., PNRM.

Church delegation visited a number of churches: St.

Nicholas Cathedral - LS.,

PNRM. the cathedral, Prince Vladimir Cathedral - MS ..; Temple cake and Easter - LS.

The delegates of the Church of Antioch held on the Neva embankment.

Monument to Peter the Great.


Guests at the monument to Peter the Great.

Petrodvorets with gushing fountains - LS.

Church delegation comes to the fountains - PNRM.

Fountains of Peterhof.

Guests walk up the stairs Peterhof.

Guests made service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Vigil in the Cathedral are the Patriarch Theodosius IV and Metropolitan Pitirim,

in worship with all of the guests in the ceremonial vestments.

Praying in the temple - PNRM.

Panorama from the people on the chandelier in the church (background motet).

Moscow - LS.

Antioch Temple monastery - LS.

Believers meet Patriarch Theodosius IV with bread and salt.

Patriarch Theodosius IV is in the church (synchronous).

A service at the Church of the United Arab Republic, Ambassador Mohammed Al-Kuni, Greek Ambassador A. Maravis.

Metropolitan Nifon Saba reads the Gospel.

Praying in the temple.

Metropolitans in the church in solemn vestments (background - service).

After the service, welcomed the guests were addressed Metropolitan Nikolai (synchronously).

Listen and Metropolitan Theodosius IV.

Responsible Theodosius IV (synchronously) - CU.

The guests visited the temple Predvorya Trinity-Sergius Lavra in Peredelkino near Moscow.

Landscape pond in the village - LS.

Summer residence of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

Church of the Transfiguration.

Guests pass through the church - LS.

Panorama of the icons in the church.

Iberian icon of the Mother.

Guests are applied to the icon.

Guests in the baptismal font are in - LS.

Guests pass through the alley in the wall of the church.

Guests went to the residence of the patriarch.

The appearance of a small house church patriarch.

Patriarch Alexy evening and guests went into the garden for a meal.

Guests at the table in the garden and in the gazebo - LS.

Reel №4

Check out the Antioch church delegation to Kiev.

At the airport the plane "TU-104".

Metropolitan Nicholas says goodbye to Theodosius IV and the accompanying.

Theodosius IV climbs the ladder into the aircraft.

Watch the mourners: Ambassador Mohamed El-SAR Cooney, Metropolitan Nicholas, etc.

Aircraft in the air.

On the plane sitting Patriarch of Antioch Church.

Look out the window.

One can see the village, houses, mansions - LS. (Removed from the aircraft).

In Kiev, visitors are welcomed at the airport, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia John and other church leaders.

Out of the plane Theodosius IV and his companions.

Khreschatyk - LS.

Guests on Vladimir Hill.

Dnepr - PNRM.

Guests pass through the monument to Prince Vladimir.

Monument to Prince Vladimir.

Guests at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Eternal flame burns.


Andrew's Church.

Vladimir Cathedral - LS.

Worship in the Vladimir Cathedral with Antioch hierarchs.

Passes Theodosius IV.

Chant in the temple (synchronously).

Theodosius IV blesses the faithful.


Odessa. - The panorama of the city.

Odessa port.

Guests Antioch church in Port-PNRM.

The summer residence of Patriarch Alexy.

In the alleys of the garden, guests sit on the benches of the church of Antioch, talking.

Sitting on a bench on the conversation in the garden, Patriarch Alexy and Theodosius IV.

In the garden, Alex and Theodosius IV surrounded by clergy.

Assumption Cathedral in Zagorsk.

The service in the cathedral with the Patriarchs of Antioch Church.

On the pulpit in the church in festive robes Theodosius IV, Patriarch Alexy.

In parting pronounced Many Years (synchronously).

Patriarch Alexy blesses worshipers in the cathedral.

Theodosius IV blesses worshipers.

In the sky, flying doves.


Sunset over the sea.