The Railway Transport of the USSR. (1959)

Film-document β„–5119 1 part, Duration: 0:05:15, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuzova Z.


About Soviet Union railways, about the railway transport.

Reel β„–1

Electric is on the device - LS. (Winter).

Freight train goes - LS., PNRM.

Wheel of a train - CU.

Lead locomotive passenger train - LS.

Machinist - MS.

Newsreel, 1918-1923,.:

The people on the roof of a train, destroyed cars, bridges, first Saturdays.

Says V. Lenin (synchronously).

Workers repair the engine.

Newsreel 1930:

Images from the film "Turksib": the construction of the railway.

Locomotive smoke pipe - CU.

The movement of trains at the station.

Locomotives - CU.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

PNRM. the destroyed station (World War II).

Shattered tracks.

Shop Kolomna Plant.

VV Kuibyshev: being assembled locomotive working screw the plate on the locomotive - LS., MS., CU.

The inscription on the label: "The first locomotive built Kolomna Plant.

VV Kuibyshev in implementing the directives of the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU. Kolomna, June 1956 »- CU.

Locomotive coming out of the factory gate - LS.

Workshop Depot Moscow-sorting, workers at work - LS.

Brigade of communist labor - MS.

High voltage transmission line - 2 LS.

Railroad tracks - LS.

Installation of electrification - LS., MS., PNRM.

Electric arc rises - MS.

The hand presses the button - MS.

Railroad tracks - different.

Railroad Bridge - MS. (With motion).

Is a passenger train - LS.

Against the background of the mountain is a freight train, the train is VL-23 - LS., MS.

The front of the VL-22 - CU.

Electric I-60 comes with a tank - LS.

Is H-80 electric locomotive with freight train - LS.

Electric H-60 ​​is passenger train - LS.

Hand lever switches - CU.

Various plans pass locomotive with freight train - LS.

Construction zheleznodorozhenogo paintings, works bulldozer, scraper - different.

Laying of concrete sleepers - LS., PNRM.

Powered elektroballaster - different.

Mechanized wagon loading cement - LS., MS.

Wagon with cement - MS.

Automatic movement arrows - different.

Marshalling Yard - LS. (With a / t).

Manager at the controls - LS.

The hand presses the button - MS., CU.

On the control panel lights are lit - LS., MS., CU.

Traffic lights - MS., CU.

Railway track in the fog - LS.

Alarm in the cab - CU.

Machinist - CU.

Freight trains pass - different.