In the Name Of Zmanenskie Brothers.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Genina I.

Operators: Egorov YU., Listvin A., Fedyaev E., Yatsun E.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Anzimirov G.


Traditional Athletic Competition for the prize of the Znamensky brothers.

Temporary description

Moscow. International track and field competition for the prize named after Soviet athletes brothers S. and G. Znamensky at the Central Stadium of Lenin. Athletes races at different distances. Runners on the course, finish, including: P. Bolotnikov, A. Artynyuk, G. Gradotski (Germany), Popov, V. Krepkina, E. Ozolin, G. Birkemayer (Germany), G. Bystrov, S. Iharosh (Hungary), E. Mamotkov, Chen Wan-strong (Korea), Kovacs (Hungary), Pyarnakivi. Rewarding runners. Discus Throw. Methane: I. Schuh (GDR), S. Martov (Czechoslovakia), Ponomarev. The high jump. Jump: Feng Zheng Zhong, T. Chenchik, I. Balazs (Romania), O. Ryakhovsky, O. Fedoseyev, K. Tsygankov, J. Horvath (Hungary), J. Krasovskis (USSR), VV Bulatov.

Reel №1

At the Central Lenin Stadium traditional athletics in memory Znamensky.

Moving people to the stadium.

Panorama - the general plan, Luzhniki.

Medium shot - cups.

Different plans for the spectators.

Medium shot - shoots starter.

Sprint athletes at 5000 meters.

Run: Peter Bolotnikov - Muscovite, Hans Grodotski - German Alexander Artynyuk.

Bolotnikov finish.


Discus Throw - Irena Schuh (GDR), Shtefanka Martov (Czechoslovakia), Nina Ponomareva - multiple national champion.

Close-up - falling disc to the ground.

The race in the 100 meters

At the start, Galina Popova, Leningrad, and the champion of the country's Vera Krepkina.

Close-up - winner Popov.

The race of men is 100 meters - panorama.

Edwin Ozolin twenty finishes.

High jump - jumping Chinese, ex-world champion Cheng Feng Zhong, jumping Taisa Chenchik, record holder of the Soviet Union, the Romanian athlete jumps Balazs at 187 cm, the world champion.

Close-up - T. Chenchik congratulates Balazs.

Women's race by 80 meters hurdles.

Fleeing German athlete Gisella Birkemayer and Galina Bystrov.

First place is Birkemayer.

The race of men at 1500 m

Played 2nd prize Znamensky Brothers.

PNRM. by runners ahead Muscovite Vadim Kozlov, it overtakes Tula engineer Eugene Molotov, it outstrips the Hungarian Sandor Iharosh, it comes first.

Competition in the triple jump.

Jumping Korean Van Chan Sim.

Panorama - jumping world record holder Oleg Ryakhovsky.

Panorama - jumping Fedoseyev.

Panorama - jumping Tsygankov - the result was the best - 16 m 14 cm

The overall plan - table with the results of competitions in the triple jump.

Women race for 800 meters

Panorama - participants race.


Run participants.

Leader immediately becomes Lyudmila Lysenko, master of sports of Dnipropetrovsk, her Elizabeth Ermolaeva from Minsk, and catching up from Kiev Love Yanvareva, who took first place in the cross-country "Humanite".

Lysenko finishes.

Competition in the high jump - a panorama - jumping Chinese athlete Xu Tichuan, unsuccessfully, jumping Janos Horvath - Hungary, he takes high.

Soviet athlete jumps, European champion Vladimir Bulatov - first place for him.

Played the third prize in the race at 10,000 meters.

Run: Hungarian Kovacs, Estonian Pyarnakivi, Estonian athlete Lembit Virkus, their beats Ivan Chernyavsky and Evgeny Zhukov, it overtakes Muscovite Desyatnikov.

Pyarnakivi finishes, he handed the prize.

Iharoshu handed the cup.

Bolotnikov awarded the prize.

Plans for the audience.

Close-up - feet running.