Health 1990 № 101

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1. "It should not be forgotten." 2. "Without a scalpel." 3. "Stop the disease." 4. "Back to work."

Reel №1

"It should not be forgotten."


Drawing and newspaper.

People walking on the street.

Trucks traveling on the road, the exhaust gases.

Clear water purification system.

Central Research Institute of Tuberculosis USSR Ministry of Health.

Hospital building, the track is a woman.

The doctor leaves the room for adults.

The children's ward, children draw and cut paper.

The diagnostic apparatus is in the patient setup.

Doctors do and study the pictures.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Laboratory studies.

Bacteria under the microscope.

Medications on the table.

Doctors work with patients in the ward.

Methods of treatment: chemotherapy, hemosorbtion inductothermy, plasmapheresis, a laser.

Surgeons in the operating room.

The doctor conducts classes on gymnastics.

Children play on the playground.

"Without a scalpel."

Screen ultrasound machine.

The woman lies on the couch, the doctor conducts ultrasound.

Institute of Urology RSFSR Ministry of Health.

Specialists of the patient is placed in the unit for remote fragmentation of kidney stones "Urad-P".

Chair with the patient is immersed in a bath.

The doctor makes the patient an injection.

To summarize patient unit.

Doctors are working on the machine and watch the results.

Schematic representation of the device.

Patient lift out of the bath.

New patient in the chair - a child.

"Stop the disease."

Central Institute of Advanced Medical, Department of Microsurgery.

The corridor is a woman.

The doctor examines the patient's legs with varicose veins.

The doctor examines the patient's leg with the device.

The legs of the patient and a healthy person.

Schematic representation of the blood flow in the legs.

Stages of diagnosis of the disease.

Operation on the reconstruction of the venous valves.

A doctor examines a patient using the device.

A woman walks down the hallway.

"Return to work."

The woman digs up a garden.

Woman pulls water from the well.

National Cardiology Research Center, the doctor examines the patient.

The patient is connected to the equipment.

Steps investigate the influence on the organism of domestic loads.

Women wash clothes.

A man working with a soldering iron.

A woman leads a dog on a footpath.


Winter [823]

Medicine; Health