Health 1991 № 105

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: A.Cineman,N.Homutova,V.Ritchenkov,O. Kranov

Operators: O.Zguridi, E.Korshak,


Congenital immunodeficiency; Insidious disease; Folk medicine.

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of the following subjects:

1 plot.

Reliable barrier.

Detail of surgery in the Central sterilization department of the Moscow Medical Academy.

The process of sterilization of surgical instruments: nurse surgical instruments used in loads of powerful cleaning machines poverhostnogo pollution; clean tools are moving through the pipeline; syringes and needles are sealed in airtight bags with indicator label; Further tools are placed in a steam sterilizer.

2 plot.

Insidious disease.

Institute of Rheumatology, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR. A patient diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus at the doctor.

MD Professor M.M.Ivanova and her colleagues examined patients in a hospital ward.

MM Ivanov works at his desk in the office.

PNRM. on various medications.

3 plot.


Children diagnosed with immunodeficiency in hospital wards.


A nurse takes blood from the boy's treatment room laboratory at the Institute of Immunology in Moscow.

Immunological study of blood lead at the cellular level with the help of modern equipment, study the quantitative and qualitative composition of the lymphocyte.

The image on the monitor screen of lymphocyte in color.

4 plot.

Folk medicine.


Herbalist A.Sargsyan collects medicinal plants on pure mountain meadows, talks about the medicinal qualities of plants (sinhr.).

PNRM. on various grasses, mountain stream.

Key words

Medicine. Flora. Hospitals. Alternative Medicine. Landscapes.