Health 1985 № 69

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: N.Guljchik, V.Ritchenkov, L.Boldireva

Operators: O.Krasnov, E.Chukovskij, L.Solnceva

Other authors: Zvukooperator A.Kulakov

Reel №1

1 plot.

Red Army's chief surgeon.

k / m b / w 1941 45gg.

Shoot "Katyusha" on the battlefield.

Nazi plane explodes in the sky.

Soviet soldiers carried the wounded comrade from the battlefield.

Photos scientist, theorist and practitioner of martial medicine surgeon NNBurdenko for different years. k / m b / w 1940s.

NNBurdenko before and after a surgical operation.


Building Main Clinical Hospital named after academician NNBurdenko.

2 plot.

Zone of silence.

Vehicular traffic on the streets of Moscow.

Staff at the Moscow Research Institute of the F.F.Erismana noise measurements carried out in many different areas of the city of Moscow, holds experience to identify actions at various levels and noise spectra on the reaction of the human body, the function of hearing, on the central nervous and cardiovascular system in the lab, set permissible levels of noise.

Aerial view of houses screens, shields houses, smashing sound waves near the roads of the city.

Children playing on the playground in the yard of a house.

Sweeper garbage container ship in the body.

General view of one of the sleeping areas of Moscow (removed from the upper point).

3 plot.


Building VSC Surgery, AMS USSR. Detail of one of the operations to replace worn-out heart valve.

Professor Konstantin talks about his work (sinhr.).

Chemical composition in the vessel.

Center employee manually creates bioklapan.

One of the surgeons is receiving patients in the study.

4 plot.

Advise you.

Dramatization: Actress MV Mironov makes ordering meals in a restaurant the waiter tells about his diet a woman at the table (sinhr.). of


Nurse putting a drip to the patient in the ward at the Institute of Nutrition of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Athlete swims in one of the pools.

Athletes run cross the path in the woods, skiing.

Key words

WWII. Medicine. Care for the population. Academy of Sciences of the USSR. City transport. Building. Improving human settlements. The struggle for a healthy lifestyle.