Health 1986 № 75

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: N.Guljchuk, A.Kosachev, N.Spiglazova, Yu.Aljdohin (rezhissyor vipuska)

Operators: A.Dobrzhinskij, E.Ueckij, G.Chumakov

Reel №1

Newsreel removed by order of the Ministry of Health.

1st plot.


The plot tells the story of a complex automated system of preventive medical examinations of the population in Latvia.

Building, reception clinic.

Plaque with the inscription: "The separation of prevention."

People undergoing preventive medical examination, fill special tables that contain questions on health status, are examined in the offices of the therapist and the ophthalmologist make rapid blood test and chest x-rays.

Clinic staff make medical examinations data into the computer, print out the inspection report on the results that come to the therapist.

Receiving visitors in the therapist.

Clinic staff encode tables for visitors convenience cataloging.

Special device "CARSON", which stores all the information about preventive medical examinations.

2nd story.

Exercises for the eyes.

Ophthalmologist, Professor Kovalevsky's office is receiving a teenage boy.

Interview prof.

Kovalevsky, in which he talks about measures to prevent myopia in children (synchronously).

Pupils of the kindergarten play room (kids glasses).

Schoolchildren at the desks in the classroom during the lesson (students with glasses).

Animation illustrating the weakening muscles of the eye lens.

Infant at a reception at the ophthalmologist.

Children in kindergarten draw.

Students in the class are doing exercises for the eyes.

Interview of Professor Kovalevsky, in which he speaks about the importance of eye exercises


Third plot.


Machine "ambulance" racing on a city street.

Interviews doctor "Ambulance", in which he says that calls to people in the influence of alcohol, difficult work "Ambulance" to distract from the important calls (synchronously).

Doctor and nurse helping a drunken man to go.

Dispatcher "Ambulance" at work.

Doctors help people who are in alcoholic intoxication.

The doctor sits in the car "emergency".

4th story.


Portraits surgeon Pirogov.

Diary Pirogov.

The Moscow University, where he studied at the Faculty of Medicine Pirogov (photo).

Books Pirogov "Surgical Anatomy of the arterial trunks and fascia", "Applied Anatomy" atlas "Topographic anatomy", etc.

Engraving, which depicts NIPirogov operations in the military field hospital.


The Museum-Estate in with Pirogov.

Pirohovo (formerly with.

Cherry) about Vinnitsa.

Sightseers in the hall of the museum.

Key words

Care for the population. Pre-school education. Schooling. Museums.