Health 1986 № 80

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: I.Kisileva

Operators: O.Zguridi

Reel №1

In newsreel includes the following topics:

1st plot.


In the story is told that in some cases, the definition of angina in the early stages of the disease is possible with a new device - the heart monitor.

In filming the following story: A man rides a car on the Leningrad highway, a patient at the doctor's cardiologist, the patient is doing chest x-ray cells, the doctor examines an x-ray sniok, cardiogram, heart rate monitor is connected to the patient, makes recommendations to the patient.

2nd story.

Divorce could not be.

In the story tells of two married couples where husbands drink.

One couple gets divorced, the other decides his problem at the psychiatrist.

In filming the following story: a man and a woman go on Leningrad Prospect past the cafe "Stork" from the Wedding Palace "Stork" go newlyweds.

Couple at a reception at the psychiatrist G.M.Entina, the psychiatrist talking with them (sinhr. and frame.), Talks about the negative impact of alcohol on the human body, man and woman out of the courthouse after a divorce.

Third plot.

If a child has an allergy.

In the story it comes to dietary advice for expectant mothers and infants in the first months of his life, if you are predisposed to allergies.

In filming the following story: children in the ward - sitting in cribs, play; doctor examining a child, gives advice on nutrition one of mothers; general view products on the table are not recommended suffering from food allergies; general view of products that are offered for food allergies;  kids playing in the sandbox; woman puts on the kitchen table dairy products, cooking potatoes, meat, feeds her baby porridge, give him a drink, takes the child in the stroller.

4th story.

Island Health.

The story tells about the national park of Moscow "Elk Island".

In filming the following story: a view of one of the districts of Moscow, Yaroslavl highway, park views "Elk Island": mushrooms in the grass, jumping protein is of trees elk, wild boar digging the ground, the children play on the playground, women gymnastics instructor-led men swim in the pond, people walk around with a wheelchair through the alleys of the park.

Key words

Care for the population. Dispensary service. City. Population. Court. Life. Wildlife. Sports and recreation activities and mass. The situation of children.