Health 1987 № 85

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Director: A.Babayan, A.Racimor, G.Chubukova, I.Kiselyova

Operators: V.Ropejko, V.Demin, E.Oljshevskaya

Reel №1

In newsreel stories included:

1st plot.

First Blood Institute.

In the story tells about the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

In the story the following filming:

view archival documents, namely an extract from the minutes of meeting number 220 the Council of Labor and Defense on 02.26.1926, in which the organization said in Moscow Institute of Blood Transfusion.

General view photos of the building, which originally housed Institute of Blood Transfusion.

Photograph of the first director of the Institute Bogdanov.

View photos of the building that housed the Institute during the period of his leadership academician Bagdasarov.

General view images from different years in which the activities of the institute displayed.

Photos of the Institute during the Great Patriotic War.

General view of the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in Moscow.

Blood donation by a donor.

Employees of the Institute for Research in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering.

General view of the apparatus, where the blood is separated into components and storage of blood components in sterile plastic containers.

General view of the modern device in one of the research laboratories of the Institute, with which determined the blood group.

Of the Laboratory for the study of blood, her blood cell, blood disease pathogenesis.

General view of the preserved blood bank.

The operation at the Institute of Hematology.

2nd story.


The theme is the issue of combating teen substance abuse.

In the story the following filming: physician-toxicologist drug treatment clinic in the office talking with her patient - a 13-year-olds (Sync and frame.) Asks him when he started sniffing petrol, boy tells how it all started and how it is difficult to fight this addiction.

Group of young men on the street near the motorcycle.

Panorama of one of / Moscow / yards.

Third plot.

I want to become a mother.

The plot deals with the problem of infertility.

In the story the following filming: Pregnant woman standing in the hallway window.

Doctor - at the Center for Maternal and child sitting in an office, reading the letters from women suffering from infertility or miscarriage pregnancy.

Women who are treated at the center, pass examinations and treatment.

Professor Sidelnikova with colleagues discussing treatment of the patients of the Centre.

General view of the laboratory at the Center, where the blood is separated into components father and isolated cell lymphocytes that play an important role in maintaining the immune cells then the child's father is introduced into the body of the mother.

Doctors in the House at the bedside of the patients, which lies on conservation.

Parents with newborn baby out of the doors of the Centre.

4th story.

Learn to swim.

Kids on the river, running into the water, splashing in the river, adults watching children.

Parents take their children to the swimming pool "Syetun" (Moscow).

General view of the pool "Setenil."

Coach instructor working with children, shows exercises.

Children learn to swim in the pool.

Children jumping into the water, swim in the pool for swimming lanes.

Key words

Medicine. Hematology. Medical assistance to the population. City. Red Cross Society. Drug and alcohol abuse. Obstetrics and genekologa. Rest of children. Sports facilities. Swimming. Sport children.