Health 1988 № 91

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: A.Cineman

Operators: V.Suprun, A.Dobrzhinskij, M.Kaminskij, B.Lunin

Reel №1

In newsreel includes the following topics:

1st plot.

New in isotope diagnosis.

In the story told about the method of isotope diagnostics developed at the Department of Medical Radiology, Institute of Advanced Medical, which eliminates the radiation exposure on the human body.

In the plot was filming the following: appearance of the building, where the institute is located radiological center, conducting radiological surveys in one of patsintok; radioimmunoassay holding the blood of patients with the addition of reagents in the laboratory of the Institute, in order to identify an imbalance in the development of a protein or hormone.

2nd story.

At the telescreen - children.

In the plot are recommendations developed SRI hygiene of children and adolescents, parents - how to use the TV for children of all ages.

In filming the following story: Institute of Hygiene staff children and adolescents conducted a survey of young fans of the TV screen to examine the health of before and after watching TV, woman in the kitchen feeding the baby, who looks on the TV cartoon, grandmother, mother and granddaughter sitting on the sofa in the room, watching television.

Third plot.

Gypsum and movement.

In the story is told about a new method of activation of patients with injuries, developed at the Institute of Emergency Care.


In the plot was filming the following: patients with fractures of the limbs sit in a fracture clinic, doctor travmatolon Institute of Emergency Care.

Sklifasovskogo considers radiograph perelomoma offset limbs, doctors led by Professor Okhotsk discussing a new method of early mobilization of patients based on - the use of a plaster bandage or plastic tires on the fracture site, where the joints remain open and mobile;

surgeon puts a plastic splint on the forearm of the patient;

patient performs different movements broken arm;

spine doctor examines the patient, the patient with a spinal injury in a short, removable backboard, performing special exercises;

patients perform various exercises in the hall of physiotherapy hospital.

4th story.

Iplikator I.Kuznetsova.

In the story told about the inventor I.I.Kuznetsove, its needle preventive and medical complex, which can be used without a doctor's prescription.

In filming the following story:

I.I.Kuznetsov inventor puts the patient - suffering from rheumatism, needle vest, the patient lies in a waistcoat, I.Kuznetsov relieves patient vest,  helps him to bend at the waist, the patient repeatedly bent; general view of the various sets of needles and spikes of different shapes from different materials for different diseases;  I.Kuznetsov takes in his office patient, which with the help of implicator can reduce the pressure.

Key words

Care for the population. Medicine. Life.