Health 1988 № 92

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: N.Guljchuk, A.Babayan, L.Trubnikova

Operators: A.Dobrzhinskij, V.Kolyushev, Yu.Maksimov

Reel №1

In the log includes the following Video clips:

1 plot.

Prevention Center.

Appearance of the building, where the Research Center for Preventive Medicine.

Receiving patients at the Center: Patients with computers respond to test questions during medical examination, the doctor removes the electrocardiogram of the patients.

View of one of the dining rooms.

Visitors choose meals at the bar.

Dietitians are introduced to the dining room menu.

Women at the gym doing exercises.

Director of the Center for Preventive Medicine, Professor Oganov gives interviews (sinhr.).

2 plot.

Healing Hands.

In the story tells about a doctor - Chiropractors N.A.Kasyane.

N.Kasyan is receiving population: women, men.

Type the queue of patients in chiropractic office in one of the clinics.

3 plot.

Laser treats.

A doctor examines a patient.

General view of operating in the Institute of Vascular Surgery.

The operation with a laser.

Pofessor Petrosyan stands at the screen, which shows the vessels of one of his patients a group of doctors.

4 plot.

First interfarms.

Black Sea coast in Anapa.

Children swimming in the sea, playing on the beach.

Parents with children resting on the beach.

A general view of buildings interfarms sanatorium.

View of one of the rooms in the hotel.

Children under the guidance of teachers engaged in physical exercise with gym, swimming pool with heated sea water, sit in the sauna, play in the games room resort.

Vacationers sanatorium accept the procedures in medical offices.

View of the building of the sanatorium "Russia's".

Construction of new buildings sanatorium.

Key words

Medicine. Care for the population. Outpatient care. Out of school education. The situation of children. Life. City. Building.