Health 1989 № 98

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V. Ritchenkov,A. Torgalo,N.Guljchuk, N.Polonskaya

Operators: O.Krasnov,V. Sveshnikov, G.Kreps V.Motichenkov


About children, for mercy; Help the operation; Hands age before ...; Comparing with biorhythms.

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of 4 subjects:

1 plot.

Operation will help.



Doctors Ambulance first aid elderly man with a bout of ischemia, lying on the stairs of the underpass.

MD, professor B.V.Shabalkin talks about coronary heart disease and its treatment methods (sinhr.) in his office.

Image coronary vessels on the screen.

Fragments of a heart operations under the leadership of B.V.Shabalkina Union Scientific Center of Surgery, AMS USSR. PNRM. on the building of the Center.

2 plot.

About children, for mercy.



Building an orphanage for children with developmental delays.

Children sleep in cribs, play with tutors in various games, learn to draw, cut with scissors from a paper, doing exercise at the gym, drink natural oxygen cocktails, spa treatments tested in various medical offices, walk on the playground outside.

Orphanage director N.P.Mochalina working with children.

3 plot.

Comparing with biorhythms.

Young girl at the doctor-therapist in a clinic.

Graphic representation of the human body jet lag on the screen.

The doctor measures pressure in the eye of the patients in the treatment room.

Procedure chronodiagnostic and chronotherapy individual patient.

Elderly man measuring blood pressure.

Nurse arranges various pills in plastic cups and distributes them sick.

A doctor holds a laser therapy in peptic ulcer disease one of the patients in the ward.

4 plot.

Hands age earlier.

Middle-aged woman looking at her reflection in the mirror, softening cream lubricates the skin.

Country house with land.

Woman in gloves shears cuts weeds, weed beds, planting a variety of plants, cut roses in the garden, wash your hands with soap, washes clothes gloved hand takes baths with glycerol.

Key words

Medicine. Hospitals. Clinic. Emergencies. Health. Position of the various groups.