Health 1990 № 99

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V.Bezenkov, L.Boldireva,N.Guljchuk,A.Cineman

Operators: V.Bezenkov, E.Chukovskij,T.Kreps, A.Martincev


Recovery vessels; Toy - a serious matter; Do not be afraid to be treated!; Labor rehabilitation center.

Reel №1

1 plot.

Labor rehabilitation center.



Building the Gorky Automobile Plant.

Members of the administration and staff of Automobile Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics at the meeting.

Patients who had an injury at the gym doing in the gym outpatient rehabilitation center industry under the guidance of doctors are training therapy.

Automobile Workers work in the assembly shop, which operates healthily on the musculoskeletal system of man, train, reduced work in the affected muscles and joints while helping carmaker perform work plan.

Automobile design office workers at work.

2 plot.

Recovery vessels.


Union Building Surgery Center.

Professor Rabkin examines the correspondence in the office.

Radiographs of people suffering from atherosclerosis, renal hypertension, cardiovascular system.

Scientist conducting scientific experiments in the laboratory.

Fragments of the operation to restore vascular woman under local anesthesia.

3 plot.

Do not be afraid to be treated!

Teens addicts inject smoke.

Narcologist is receiving drug addicts in the office of the All-Union Center on Addictions (sinhr.).

Patients being treated in the intensive care unit (mild attack of breaking fast).

Patients Center tested physiotherapy treatment impulsive currents spend his leisure hours in the common room on medical simulators.

4 plot.

Toys - a serious matter.

Small children play various toys in kindergarten group.

An article in one of the newspapers with the NDP "OPEN LETTER USSR Prosecutor General TOV. Sukharev AY asking to protect children from the dangers to their health TOYS".

Operating one of the factories producing toys are working to create dolls in the shop.

Lab analysis takes harmful impurities contained in toys in the science lab with the help of super-sensitive equipment.

Key words

Medicine. Addiction and taksikomaniya. Health. Hospitals. Hospitals. Automotive industry. Production kultovarov.