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Need Trainer?; Dialogue banker and president; Soundly, cozy, beautiful; Small, but was removed; Belarusian "Lad"; Volkhov road; By "Faith" with hope; Invite "Doctor".

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of four stories.

The first part.

Newsreels: Secretary General of the World Peace Council R. Chandra stands on the podium Congress backs in the world (sinhr., b / w).

R.Chadra studio answering questions leading film magazine (synchronously).

In particular, he says that the World Peace Council receives many letters from children with drawings. R.Chadra shows children's drawings.

1st plot. "Solidarity."


Children of different nationalities sunbathe on the beach pioneer camp "Artek".

Group applauds the children at one of the camp activities.

American boy, Michael gives an interview in which thanks for the nice stay in "Artek" (synchronously).

Children on the beach writing a letter to Vietnamese children.

Children resting in "Artek", float on a boat, throw in neutral waters sealed bottles with anti-war messages.

Waves rolled on shore.

Pupils with waste paper on a city street.

Pioneers pick cotton, peaches.

Newsreels (1930-1940-ые years.): Marching pioneers; Column pioneers in the village street; group of pioneers in the field; drummers on site n / l "Mosselproma"; meeting Austrian children antifascists in Moscow; boy stands on the podium; Spanish kids go with the ship; are injured children; bombs falling from an airplane.

The second part.


Children's drawings.

Pioneer leader on the beach towel boy-African.

Games and competitions of children on the beach.

Children resting in "Artek", hugging, crying, shaking hands through the window of the bus before leaving.

2nd story. "VOSMIGLAZ eight-armed."

Game plot.

Boy studying spiders, meets a girl Oksana in a forest glade, shows her his laboratory, where he breeds spiders.

Spiders and cobwebs in the forest.

The third part - absent in the archives has not arrived.

The fourth part.


Guys with skates go to the rink, put on shoes in the foyer training rink, skate at the rink.

Bear named Vera on his hind legs with skates on the back suitable for building training rink.

Trainer puts the bear skates.

Bear skates.

Ballet dancer on the ice, the trainer E.Rybakov the bear in the studio, where she made shoes for skates.

Master measures bears paw. E.Rybakov bear feeding milk from a bottle.

Bear walks on its hind legs.

The trainer has been the bear at the rink.

The inscription on the poster: "State Ensemble" Ballet on Ice ".

A fragment of E.Rybakova with trained bears on ice.

4th story. "WHERE ZHIGULI born?".

Cars "Lada" rush on the highway.

New Cars "Lada" move on a railway platform.

Cars "Lada" participate in a car race.

A group of schoolchildren on excursions in manufacturing plants Volga Automobile Plant accompanied puppet truck-guide, which tells in song form on each plant (Yu.

Entina poetry, music A.Rybnikov).

Production processes in the forge.

The fifth and sixth parts.

Guys visit the foundry.

View shop.

Pouring boiling metal.

Controllers operate automated line.

Stamping parts car bodies.

Welding and painting of car bodies.

View of a conveyor assembly of cars.

Installation of headlights, bumpers, instrument driving.

Work sets the wheel in the car.

Car assembly line.

Installing the motor vehicle.

Lit signboard automotive gas station - "station".

The guys in the shop.

Guys sitting in the car, which moves on a conveyor belt.

The guys in the car passing through the shop.

Cars off the assembly line.

Crane transfers the car.

New vehicles on the deck of the cargo ship, on the railway platform.

Test vehicles at the landfill.

Children in cars passing near St.

Basil's Cathedral on Red Square.

Key words

Building. City. Road transport and road. Cooperative trade. Consumer services. Vocational education. Finance. Labor employment. Cooperation.

Reel №2