Cooperator 1989 № 1

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: G.Balashov, Yu.Gurvich, Yu.Danilov,

Operators: V.Dyomin, L.Kashkina, E.Korshak

Reel №1

Academician of Academy of Agricultural Sciences Ph.

D V.A.Tihonov subjects is included in the newsreel (sinhr.)

Part 1.

1st plot.

Not worse overseas.

In the story tells of a cooperative company "Tulip", specializing in sewing women's outerwear.

In filming the following story: mannequin model on a catwalk show coat; company employees "Tulip" at work: tailor, sew; home-based workers atelier pensioners, women on maternity leave to care for young children perform various sewing - sewing, otglazhivayut products; L.Lebedeva designer at work  gives interviews (sinhr.); interview with the Chairman of the cooperative "Tulip" L.Umanskogo (sinhr.); general view of coat patterns sewn in the cooperative "Valentine"; girl trying on coats model presented in the hall fashion center of the USSR.

2nd story.

But would not have prevented.

Panorama of Tbilissi (removed from the upper point);

view of one of the streets, the food cooperative store "Muhranis led";

Visitors to the store, sellers weigh vegetables, meat;

general view of the territory of family production and trade cooperative "Muhranis were" located in Mtskheta region;

family council cooperative in the yard;

general view of part-time farm cooperative: farms, warehouses;

herd of cows with calves on pasture, herd of pigs in the pen, turkeys in the pen;

worker cooperative merges milk separator;

preparation of cottage cheese, a panorama of Ham in the smokehouse;

Construction of the cooperative;

general view of greenhouses where vegetables are grown;

jars with pickled cucumbers;

harvesting tomatoes on a plantation cooperative.

Part 2.

Third plot.

Resurrection thoughts.

In the story tells about the Russian scientist and economist AV Chayanov, who in the late 30s was declared ideologist kulaks.

In the plot was filming the following: general view documents - 2 V.V.Chayanova death certificates (1937, 1939)., Photos from the family archive AV Chayanov, AV Chayanov books of Agricultural Economics, notebooks with notes on the agricultural economy;

newsreels 20s 30s: view plowed fields, farmers are plowing on, throw in the ground grain, wheat ears in the field; view of the construction of one of the companies the first five-wheeled trolley with working breed.

4th story.

Around the world.

In the story tells of a cooperative cafe "Around the world".

In filming the following story: view Bank Bridge over the Griboyedov Canal in St.


tourists get off the bus;

of the house number 46/48 on Tchaikovsky Street, which is located cooperative cafe "Around the world";

Visitors leave the coffee shop;

Chairman T.Ilina cooperative cafe in the office reviewing financial documents;

preparation of various dishes in the kitchen cafe;

first and second courses are displayed on cruets and are delivered to addresses elderly pensioners in the charity event cafe designed to help low-income citizens;

waitress served tables for festive children's activities;

young visitors come to the cafe, sitting at the covered tables, eating, watching performances on stage, performances of children;

waitress carries food;

view pradnichnyh cakes with candles;

children dance.

Key words

Textile industry. Life. Consumer services. Trade. Livestock. Crop. City. Building. Economy. Industry. Social security. Charity. Cooperation. The situation of children. Catering.