Cooperator 1991 № 1

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Trubnikova L.

Operators: Belov I., Demin V., Fomichev L.


1. "Roads" Volkhov ". 2. "Invitation" Doctor. " 3. "Belarusian" Lad ". 4. To "Vera" with the hope...

Reel №1

1. Roads "Volkhov".

Wetlands near the road.

On a country road going trucks.


On the bumpy road rides bulldozer.

Abandoned village houses.

Bus stop.

Highway under construction.

Says head of road construction cooperative "Volkhov" A.Sabanin.

The view from the car window.

Asphalt plant, passing by "KAMAZ" with a tank.

Operating controls of the road equipment.

Used asphalt mix in the truck.

Tipper leaves from the plant.

Tipper riding on a dirt road.

Road construction on the extraction of gravel in a quarry.

Production of bricks.

The bricks are placed in a kiln.

Ready-made bricks are moved into the elevator.

The site of the factory car park.

He lit the fire.

Processing metal parts automatic hammer.

Wood working at the sawmill.

Cook prepares dinner.

Working lunch in the cafeteria.

People watch TV.

The game of billiards.

Man sets feed pigs.

The construction of the road.

The bus pulls up to the houses builders.

Working out of the bus.

People undress at the entrance to the house.

People soared in the bath.

Swimming in the river after a bath.

Brigade resting in the house.

Man combing hair.

Between the houses passing car.

Out of the car A.Sabanin and enters the house. A.Sabanin receives a report from a site on the local radio.

On the road passing car.

Forest view from the window of a moving car.

The machine goes into the distance along the new road.

2. Invites "Doctor."

The alternation of doctors examine children, talk with parents.

Information boards.

Women rise from the bench and go to the office.

Equipment for physiotherapy.

The doctor talks to the patient.




Patients wait in the lobby, a man comes into the office.

Treatment sessions at the chiropractor.

Apitherapy (bee venom therapy).


Consultation with an ophthalmologist.

Woman on the session at Yu.A.Longo.

Doctor says goodbye to the patients and included in the study.

The patient made an electrocardiogram.

ECG with a load on a stationary bike.

Cardiologists study findings.

An elderly woman with a cart into the room.

Woman puts food out of the bag on the table.

The doctor pulls out a tablet from the blister.

Examination of the patient at home.

Building of the cooperative "Doctor."

Past the monument to Mikhail Kutuzov are women with prams.


Longo (head) YA - Psychic, psychologist, co-author and co-producer of TV programs.


Nizhny Novgorod region [790] Moscow [820]


Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Construction; Medicine

Reel №2

3. Belarusian "Lad".

The streets of Minsk.

Television sets on the shelves.

Employees of the company "Edition" collected TVs.

Finished Products Company.

Enterprise rental TVs.

Man watching television in the lobby.

The women behind the counter.

Employees of the company shows the customer TV, the woman takes notes in a journal.

Receipt repair service "Pulse".

Tape on a shelf.

Specialists repair technique.

Fee and commission a commercial shop on the background of multi-storey residential buildings.

Buyers and sellers of the store.

Watches on display.

Buildings in the unfinished nuclear power plant.

Production of metal mesh netting.

Work in the shops for the manufacture and repair of furniture.

Finished Products Company.

Tailoring shop.

Women for sewing machines.

A child in a new suit.

Scientific and Technical Center of the company "Lad", experts collected and tested system of centralized traffic control DC "Minsk".

Country Village.

Reconstruction of empty buildings at a workshop for assembling televisions.

Director General G.Kutsenko consults with subordinates.

People see the design drawings.

4. To "Vera" with the hope...

Fashion House "Vera", a fashion show.

Fashion designer draws. V.I.Ohrimenko discussing blueprints with a colleague.

Showroom of the cooperative, on the walls hang a model of women's clothing.

The buyer is talking with the seller.

Seller indicates suit.

The buyer goes to the dressing room.

The employees of the cooperative at work.

The buyer goes out of the dressing room and discusses a suit with the seller.

Fashion designer draws.

Masters customize the pattern on a figure model.

Alternation: Models on the catwalk, the audience in the hall.

Basket of flowers at the edge of the podium.


Minsk [972] Moscow [820]


Winter [823]