Cooperator 1989 № 2

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Reel №1

Plot 1. 2 to 5.

The story tells about the cooperative "Moscow teacher," about innovative methods of teaching school subjects.

Woman tells of her son Oleg - Grade 7 pupil school and music school, his math classes with teachers from the cooperative "Moscow tutor" (sinhr.).

Oleg plays the piano at home (sinhr.).

Guys play before school, PNRM. by parties of schoolchildren.

Blossoming apple tree branch.

Mom student 6th grade teacher from talking to the cooperative (sinhr.).

Students in the classroom with teachers from the cooperative.

Plot 2. How much is now a hang glider?

The plot tells about the exhibition and sale of cooperative products in Riga stadium "Daugava".

Summer of

Riga, hang gliders, powerboats, sailboats, and other cooperators products displayed at the exhibition and sale.

Items of jewelry.

Products from walrus tusks.

Exhibition and sale of furniture cooperative "Phoenix."

Computers joint Soviet-West German company «Diox».

Gazotermicheskih portable device for spraying onto any surface coating of any cooperative "Spark".

Original handlers fertilizers created Bobruisk cooperative "Progress".

General view of the exhibition (removed from the upper point).

Plot 3. Early spring.

The story tells about the cooperative, established on the basis of the farm "Krutischensky" Novosibirsk region.

Early spring, rooks nest on the bare branches of trees.

Muzzle of a horse drinking water from a trough.

Horse foal in the paddock.

Horse driven cart in the village.

PNRM. wooden houses on the farm "Krutischensky."

Horses chew hay paddock.

Cows in the paddock.

Employees Cooperative, established on the basis of the farm, talk about the organization of work at the enterprise (sinhr.).

Cooperative scheme of interaction structures (MLTK).

Snow-covered roofs of the village houses, tractor rides on the road.

Repairmen are standing outside the cooperative harvesters, one of the repairmen talks about his work (sinhr.).

Plot 4. HOT BREAD.

The story tells about the Moscow cooperative store cafe "Georgian bread.

Hachapuri. "

Georgia, daughter portrait Metrophanes Labidze - creator Georgian syrups.

Drink with syrup being poured from the container into a glass.

Boy eating pita.

Moscow, shop-cafe "Georgian bread.

Khachapuri "near the metro station" Proletarian ", the entrance to the store interiors.

Visitors sit at café tables.

Drink drink pop, eat khachapuri.

Chefs cook in the kitchen hachapuri.

Kind of finished dishes.

Key words

Landscapes. Wildlife. Cooperation. Road transport and road. Livestock. Kooperatvnaya trade. cities, towns. Schooling. Extracurricular general education. Painting. Arts and crafts. Collective farms (co-operation). Catering. Ingenuity.