Cooperator 1989 № 3

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Katusha; To unmarketable; Under the sign of the terminal; Ryazan "Spring"; Your faithful "Satellite"; Starting from scratch; Tushama unfamiliar name; Good word "Lazzat"; Beauty and the economy; Wizard of "Ani" ...; It - for you.

Reel №1

Plot 1.

The story tells about the Riga market in Moscow.

Winter view of an open market of Riga from the top point.

Buyers at the counters with things.

Woman trying beret.

Shops entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur fry kebabs on the grill.

Summer, two women smoking at the pavilion "Shoes".

Dealers in the pavilions.

Individual tailoring shoes put on a dirty box at the pavilion.

Shopping arcade.

Market building in the foreground - passers-by.

Plot 2. WHO non-liquids?

The plot tells of the cooperative-mall "Union".

Summer, a suburb of Kazan, excavator shovels garbage in a landfill.

Burns trash.

Workers dump plastic bags with trash from a truck to the ground.

Rubbish poured from a truck.

PNRM. by landfill.

Unmarketable in a landfill.

Showcase cooperative mall "Soyuz", passers go by.

Interiors store, shoppers at the counters.

PNRM. for goods produced by cooperatives and entrepreneurs.

A man examines upholstered furniture for sale.

Sector commission trade buyers at the counter with radio television equipment.

Dealer turns on the TV.

Serves customers cashier.

Division "Business waste», PNRM. the hall, a man chooses Materials.

PNRM. for the department with the hardware.

Saleswoman cuts material department tissues.

Department of photographic, PNRM. over the counter.

Store manager Albert and his deputy Galleev Talgat Yantykov in the director's office.

Entrance to the editorial office of the republican newspapers and magazines.

One of the streets in the new district of Kazan.


The story tells about the cooperative "Spring", drilling wells for water.

Summer, Ryazan region, meadows in Meshchera, wheat fields.

Wheat ears on the field, in the background - a herd of cows.

Village on the river.

Village Street, a well with "pie."

A man cleans well off the ground, picking up water in a bucket next bull on a leash.

Center of Ryazan, cars on the street.

The building, which is located cooperative "Spring".

The girl in the office out orders for the construction of wells.

Drilling of the well, the wizard from the rig.

Well drilling industry type.

Director farm named after the 60th anniversary of the USSR N.N.Belov talks about collaboration with the cooperative "Spring" (sinhr.).

Woman at her kitchen tap water is gaining in the pan.

A woman collects water in a bucket from a well on the site.

Installation of a water tower in one of the villages.

Key words

Cities, towns. Landscapes. Cooperation. Road transport and road. Livestock. Collective farms. Crop. Cooperative trade. Consumer services. National life. Private trade. Print.

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