Cooperator 1990 № 3

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V.Rodivilin, V.Kuznecov, S.Linnikov, A.Racimor

Operators: Yu.Kuznecov, A.Marcishevskij, A.Rostovcev,V.Rusakova

Reel №1

In newsreel Video clips included the following:

Part 1.

1st plot.

Unfamiliar name "Tushama."

The story tells about the building society "Tushama" running the repair and construction of large industrial facilities.

Job excavator at a construction site, foreman on the phone discussing the cooperative delivery (sinhr. per frame.)

Director in the office of the cooperative B.I.Imyakin gives interviews (sinhr.), talks with his staff;

the movement of the train in the ways of the Kursk railroad station;

laying asphalt on the territory of the Moscow-Kursk railroad station, the view of a container terminal;

view of the territory of the Moscow factory "Red Proletarian";

conduct restoration of factory buildings, which will house classrooms Swiss company "Ali";

building cooperative base for wood processing: art work on the construction of the base - graders, excavators, etc. uldozerov

2nd story.


The story tells about the work of an agricultural cooperative "Otradnoe" located in the zone of risky agriculture.

Landscapes Mykolaiv region - the steppe, wild poppies;

general view of the village "Otradnoe";

view of the abandoned houses in the village;

kind of storks in the nest;

with director / co-op x "Otradnoe" V.B.Falileev in the office;

kind of corn or wheat fields, sunflower fields, irrigation system in a cornfield;

Chairman talks with machine, agronomist;

kind of machine in the farm yard;

milkmaid merges milk produced in cans;

girl in the yard of one of the huts;

view Infirmary, store, classroom in a rural school;

pupils of the kindergarten in the bedroom during daytime sleep;

construction of a house in the village;

masons are at work;

plan estate with / x cooperative "Otradnoe".

Part 2.

1st plot.

Starting from zero.

In the story told about the co-op "Meteor", available consumer goods.

General view of brushes and brushes of different kinds and colors, designed to perform different jobs: cleaning clothes, shoes, washing dishes, cars, painting walls,  subjects; manufacture of brushes and brushes in a cooperative "Meteor"; cooperative employees on trips; view of dining room, open cooperative for the poor;  older people in the dining room, dining room waitress serves visitors; Director cooperative says (sinhr. and frame.) on the work of the cooperative.

2nd story.

Your true companion.

The theme is the Moscow cooperative "Sputnik", which make furniture of different samples.

General view of the store "Interior"; all standing in the store, furniture truck at the entrance to the store; production processes in the shops of the production cooperative; Director talks about the cooperative work of the enterprise (sinhr. and frame.) common type of furniture for the office, for hairdressers; general view of the hall barbershop, customers sit on the sofas; general view of the showroom cooperative.

Key words

Building. Railway trasnport. Economic ties Switzerland. Rural settlements. Life. Crop. Livestock. Pre-school education. Schooling. Care for the population. Landscapes. Wildlife. Wood industry. Company unspecified branch of production.

Reel №2