Cooperator 1991 № 3

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Babayan A., Gnesin M., Taravkova E.

Operators: Korganov I., Korshak E., Revzin Ya.

Other authors: Desenko G., Kaspe N.


1. "Beauty and the economy." 2. "This is - for you." 3. "Good word" Lazzat. " 4. "masters of" Ani ".

Reel №1

1. Beauty and the economy.

Alternation: ceiling coverings, interior office space.

Logo of the cooperative "Development".

Staff counsel in the office of the cooperative.

Samples of suspended ceilings and wall panels in the photos.

Lamps in the ceiling.

The meeting of the cooperative.

Examples of registration ceilings and walls.

Engineers Design Bureau to design registration.

Alternation: masters working in the shop, sample parts design, lighting models.

Brigades of workers decorate the room.

Production of polyethylene film.

Masters working in the shop.

Details of registration office.

Computer monitor.

Employees Cooperative brokerage firm.

People walk past the windows Commodity Exchange.

Samples of materials.

Meeting of employees of cooperatives.

Advertising at the entrance to the stock exchange.

Co-operators on the market.

The bell tolls.


Details of registration offices.

2. It is - for you.

Market throng.

Buyers outside the tent cooperative "Edelweiss."

People discharged from the tissue machine and enter the room.

A man carrying a roll of cloth on his shoulder.

The rolls are formed on the rack.

Masters unwound fabric.

Cut out the patterns on the markup.

Details of patterns placed on the fabric.

Sewing factory.

Women sew clothes at the machines.

Master is a new product and the chairman of the board of the cooperative L.L.Vitlinu.

An impromptu fashion show in the courtyard.

Workshop for making travel bags.

Master hanging bracket blanks bags with the name of the firm.

Seamstress gets into blanks company logo.

The board of the cooperative inspects the finished product.

Trade bags on the market.

Buyers around trays with clothes.

People try on the jacket.


Moscow [820]


Summer [824]


Reel №2

3. Good word "Lazzat."

Panorama of the Caucasian populations.

View on the street from the window of a moving car.

Behind the wheel of the head of the cooperative "Lazzat" G.Ibragimov.

People climb the stairs to the house.

Pitcher in a niche of a stone wall.

Structures-cooperative village Lazzat.

Advertising national cuisine.

The building is the kitchen, on the porch of a man sharpens knives.

Chef chopping meat.

The man prepares a shish kebab.

Women cook pasties.

Fruit on display.

The waiter brings a tray of fruit.

A man walks down the stairs and go through the yard.

On the tray fruit and wine.

The waiter comes to the house.

A festive family feasts.

People walk along the path.

Tea in the garden.

Cottages among trees in the garden of blooming roses.

The door opens.

The room in the cottage.

On the road going car.

The car stopped in front of the cooperative.

Out of the car G.Ibragimov and climbs the stairs.

Reception Cooperative Union.

Meeting of the chairmen of cooperatives.

Panorama Mountains.

Helicopter pilot.

The view from the cockpit of the helicopter.

The helicopter landed in a pasture.

People come out of the helicopter.

Flock of sheep.

People visiting the sheep.

Driving sheep on a footpath.

Panorama Mountains.

The territory of the abandoned village of geologists, among the houses go to goats.

Barn. G.Ibragimov talking with colleagues.

Panorama of the village and surrounding area.

4. Masters of "Ani".

Posters with pictures of models from the collection of "Ani".

On the road going cars, on the sidewalk is a woman with a stroller.

Building cooperative "Ani".

Portrait of the founder of the cooperative Mr Hovik Abrahamyan.

Chairman of the cooperative T.Abramyan.

Meeting staff.

Workshop co-op.

Alternating: the production of footwear, ready-made model.

Artist N.Bogdanova draws sketches.

Fashion designer L.Mazova consults with the artist on the cloth.

Details of patterns on the table.

Workers sewing shop.

L.Mazova hanging ready-made clothes. N.Bogdanova L.Mazova and develop a new model.

Master sintepon cuts.

A man attaches a label on the ready-made jacket.

Label cooperative.

Packaged products.

Advertising cooperative "Ani".


The Republic of Dagestan [741] Moscow [820]


Summer [824]