Cooperator 1990 № 4

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Pokrovskij E.

Operators: Romanov A., Demin V.


1. "At your service." 2. The "Time to implement ..." 3. "And myself and the people."

Reel №1

The movement of public transport.

People on the streets of the city.

1. At your service.

Employees of the cooperative "mediator" of the computer.

Flyers cooperative.

Telephones and instruction on the table.

Man talking on the phone and writes data to the log.

Animation: business partners, "conciliator" in different cities of the country, the routes on the map.

An employee of the cooperative advises the client.

Experts are working on computers.

Print data.

Advertising apartment Exchange.

The queue at the window operator.

Operator talking to a woman.

Users send the request.

The operator is talking to the girl.

The operator selects the diskette on file and inserts it into the computer.

Finding suitable for this database.

Information on the monitor.

Printing options.

The client checks the correctness of the documents.

Woman leafing through a brochure.

She fills the documents.

Flyers dating service.

The office dating service people fill out questionnaires.

Envelopes with application forms and advertisements.

Employee dating service talks with customers.

Bouquet of gladioli.

Computer on the desktop.

The data on the monitor.

A stream of people on the streets.

2. Time to embody ... birch trunk.

The camera rises to the crown of the tree.

Felled trees on the edge of the woods (the picture is distorted). M.V.Biryukov pulls out a folder from the cupboard and puts on the table.

Photo. M.V.Biryukov sign the paper.

Service documentation. M.V.Biryukov talking on the phone, at the next table sits a woman.

Entry into the territory of the former military unit.

The door opens, rides the bus.

The driver enters the building NGKO "Vtordrev."


Laboratory studies of the wood.

Samples of building materials derived technology M.V.Biryukova.

A man inspects materials.


Decommissioned for processing ramshackle money.

Grinding biomass.

Bags with magnesium chloride.

Specialist check bags.

The bags in stock.

Automatic lines for the processing of raw materials.

Working in the shop.


The workers are ready to beam pile.

Sample walls of the house.

Man opens.

Attachment to the window wall.

A worker walks across the room, opened the door of the sample and lies beyond the threshold.

Construction of houses on new technologies.

Rooms finished house.

View from the house outside.

On the porch are children.

Storage room in the garden.

Street of the village, built on technologies M.V.Biryukova. M.V.Biryukov expands the drawing.

Copyright certificates. M.V.Biryukov working in the office.


Biryukov Mikhail - A specialist in the field of forestry, Ph.D., professor, academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences, an honorary citizen of the city of Balabanovo, Kaluga region.


Moscow [820] Kaluga region [779]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Industry; Construction

Reel №2

Bustle of the city, people talking in the cockpits of telephones.

3. Both myself and people.

The second congress of the Moscow cooperators.

Alternation: people speak at the podium, the audience faces.

The workers cooperative "Seeker" poured out of the bag waste polyethylene.

Production of plastic film in rolls.

Apparatus for the production of polyethylene sheet.

Making envelopes for records.

Master collects waste and puts them into the grinder.

Recycled waste collected in bags.

Steps for processing plastic granules.

Buckets of paint.

Operators of the production line of colored stickers.

Sheets of labels.

Shop for sewing curtains.

Ready-made curtains on the windows.

Pig farm.

Sow feeding the pigs.

View of the barn from the outside.

Drainage ditches.

Welder repairing a partition.

Work sets animal feed.

Pig looking through the lattice.

Co-operative room.

Cook adds seasoning to the soup.

Employees of the cooperative lunch in the cafeteria.

Top view of the school building.

Adults and children in the schoolyard.

Children speak with reporters.

Collection and gluing the boxes in the school classroom work.

Children help in the work of the staff shop for sewing curtains.

Teens involved in the sports hall.

Occupation in gymnastics with pupils of junior and middle classes.

The site for the construction of the pool.

Meeting of the board of the cooperative.

Welder repairing a partition.

Seamstress sewing curtains in the shop.

Master polyethylene production.

Operator production line of colored stickers at work.

Students sign a label.

Go down the street people go cars.


Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Industry; Agriculture; Childhood and youth