Fishermen on the workload 1985 № 6

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: L.Ostrovskij, L.Popov, V.Toropov, E.Eratov

Operators: N.Sologubov, Ya.Rezvin, L.Fomichev,M.Vencelj

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of four stories.

Removed by order of the USSR Ministry of Fisheries.

The first part.



Trawler "Cape Sinyavina" in water expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Commander of the Order of Lenin, the captain director trawler "Cape Sinyavina" A.A.Arbuzov oversees the work of the crew on the intercom said.

Mechanic at work in the engine room.

Unloading fish from the net to the deck.

Fish on a conveyor enters the freezers trawler.

Working for fish processing in the shop.

Packing of the product in the box.

Boxes with pollock.

Trawler in the way.

A flock of seagulls circling the trawler.

Mooring trawlers and fishing vessels at sea.

Unloading the catch on board the trawler. A.A.Arbuzov talks with the crew of the fishing vessel.


Russia, Murmansk.

Murmansk fish factory.

Plant workers are on the gallery with flowers.

View shop smoked small fish species.

Movement of products through the pipeline complex mechanized line.

Automatic washing fish.

Type of facility in which the fish is smoked on network media with a special coating that eliminates sticking.

Work oversees the process of smoking.

Container with fish is loaded and unloaded automatically from the smokehouse.

Workers finished products packaged in boxes.

Shop smoked.

Workers cut up halibut salmon manually.

Installing mechanized salting operation.

Manufacturing process smoked fish.

Fellow watching instrument readings controlling process smoked.

Dumplings shop.

Mechanized production process simultaneous production test and mince.

Frozen dumplings in boxes moving on the conveyor automatic lines.

Murmansk fish plant products on the shelves of the shop "Ocean".

Buyers on the trading floor is selected fish.

Packs of fish dumplings on the counter.

The second part.

Third plot. "In the fishing collective farm" Mayak ".

Estonia, the


Type of production farm Estonian fishing farm "Mayak".

Court kolkhoz flotilla stand at the pier.

Fishing boat with crew on board at sea.

Fishermen lowered net into the sea.

Interior view preservnogo shop.

About moving conveyor products work employee.

Banks with canned moving on a conveyor belt.

Appearance of the building, the facade is an inscription: "The floating ship repair."

Electricians, welders at work in the studio.

Construction site prefabricated houses for farmers; builders working.

Chairman of the "Lighthouse" M.E.Brezhnev conducting planning meetings with the heads of farm office.

Fry in fiberglass pools, made on the farm for aquaculture activities.

Manufacturing process Trouts.

Working farm transplanted trout in sea cages.

Diver descends under the cage.

Court kolkhoz fleet and catch fish back home.

4th story. "ROBOT COMES IN SHOP."

Russia, [y


The plot of the universal automatic complex smoked fish with the use of robotics created by an experienced production staff and technical association "Tehrybprom."

Separate areas of the production process smoked fish: automatic stacking fish head down; stringing fish on metal bars;  a chain conveyor on which the fish are fed with a ramrod in mechanical arm, which fills the drive fish; loading the fish into the furnace.

Finished products off the assembly line.

Key words

Maritime transport. Fish farming and fishing, fishing communities. Wildlife. Fishing industry. Specialized trade. Building.