The Kolyma True Story.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Legat E.

Operators: Legat E.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Legat E., Smirnitskiy U.


A travel geographic report about the Kolyma River.

Temporary description

Magadan region. View Kolyma mountains. Rural landscape. Women treated with fish, cook. Types of housing residents Kolyma. Orotukansky metallurgical plant. Manufacturing processes. View of the resort "Melt." Mountain passes. View of the road. On the road going cars, caravans. Drivers sent to flight, carrying different loads, rest in the road hotel. Type of mine "Windy." The manufacturing processes for the extraction of gold-bearing sand. Magadan. Types of streets. Workers' demonstration on the day of the 1st of May.

Reel №1

Kinoocherk of Kolyma.

Landscapes Kolyma Mountains (different plans with the top point).

Trees covered with a thick layer of frost and snow - general, average plans.

Landscape with the movement of the machine - the general plan.

A few plans for the old life residents Kolyma women cleaned fish home - at the forefront of dried fish, a child, a woman makes tortillas, a woman prays, different plans.

Mountains in the background of new settlement homes - an outline, removed from traffic.

Bridge over the frozen river - the general view.

Industrial landscape of Kolyma - the general plan.

The cable car moving trucks - the general plan.

The factory building, dredgers - total, average plans.

PNRM. the poster: "placer miners and machine area, turned into a life history solutions HH1 Party Congress" on conveyor dredge - the general plan.

Working washing machine - a common, average plans.

Clubhouse - the general plan.

Hospital building - close-up.

Kindergarten building - the average plan.

Appearance Orotukanskogo steel plant, the building is covered with a thick layer of frost - the average plan.

Open-hearth shop of the plant, the workers at the stove - the average plan.

The spill began - medium, large plans.

Steelmaker looking through a magnifying glass - the average plan.

Muscovite, Komsomol, the Communist labor organizer team B. Grebenkina works at a machine - a common, average plans.

Machined parts - the average plan.

Sasha works Kuvshinova - total, average plans.

Working at the bench Alex Litvinov - medium, large plans.

Shmakov Efremov and machined parts (all the girls from the team B. Grebenkina) - medium, large plans.

On the road going reindeer team - the general plan.

Snowy building resort "Talaz" - a common, average plans.

In building the resort includes a rest - the average plan.

The interiors of the resort - the stairs, reading room, panoramic view from the lobby to the dining room - the general view.

Chandelier in the dining room - close-up.

Appearance of the building cafeteria - the average plan.

Mountain passes - removed from the movement.

Mountain road is a truck - 2 general plan.

The driver behind the wheel - close-up.

Go Machine: industrial equipment, closed car, a few cars - truck - different plans.

Highway with car traffic - the general plan.

Ice on the road, formed of ice water - the general plan.

Ice water is coming out - the close-up.

Machine, loaded with timber, passes on ice - the average plan.

Collision of cars on the highway - the car is in the snow - different plans.

Car exports had fallen by breakdown vehicles on the road - different plans.

Talking drivers during the incident (synchronously).

The drivers take lunch in the dining room - different overall, medium, large plans.

At the table, the driver, NY Oil, V. Kuznetsov, Morev, W. Drach - a common, average plans.

The drivers in the control carpool receive vouchers - the average plan.

Chief dispatcher on the phone - close-up, in sync.

Base out of the gate machine - the average plan.

Behind the wheel the driver VD Drach - close-up.

Machines are on the road - different plans.

Reel №2

The car on the road, view from the cockpit on wheels - the average plan.

The driver V. Kuznetsov-Morev change wheel at the car - different plans.

VD Drach helps to change the wheel, drivers talking (synchronous) - different plans.

Column on the highway with the inscription: Orotukan - the average plan.

Appearance Orotukanskogo steel plant - the general plan.

General view of the factory shop, the shop on the block moving part - the overall plan.

In Machine Worker - general, average plans.

Dispatching vehicles - manager on the phone - different plans simultaneously.

Development of opencast works loader (different plans).

(At the corner Arkagalinskaya works most businesses Magadan region).

Machine with coal is on the road - the average plan.

The car is a dangerous turn, driving VD Drach.

VD Drach sees ahead to stop the car, driver's face - close-up.

Both machines are difficult pass - several plans.

CU. - Hand presses the brake pedal foot - close-up.

Landscapes of hills (several different plans of the machine).

Mine "Windy" at the top of the ridge - an outline, shot with motion).

Workers dump coal cars - total, average plans.

Inside view of the mine, the miners drilled formations - a common, medium, large plans.

Sand transported from the mine in the car, the mine produced gold - medium, large plans.

The settlement "Scout" - a few plans.

The clearance of roads from drifting snow removal machine works - some plans.

Several plans blizzard - different plans.

In a blizzard passing car - several plans.

The building in the evening, at the entrance are the drivers - a common, average plans.

VD Drach clean - medium, large plans.

The drivers are asleep, NY Masliy reading a book - a few plans.

The driver Viktor Maslov (son-NY) on the road with a shovel clears snow from vehicles on the road - a few plans.

Snow removal machine cleans the road from snow (different plans for the evening.)

Lights - close-up.

The car goes up the hill - a few close-ups.

Wheels car - close-up.

Post Office Building, the driver lowers the letter (in the evening) - a few medium-sized plans.

Reel №3

Movement of vehicles on the road - a couple of different plans.

On the road going car with gasoline - several different plans.

Landscapes of hills - the general plan.

Landscapes with hills of the machine - a few different plans.

Road - removed from the movement, 2 common plan.

The inscription on the road "Oymyakon" - close-up.

Wheels cars - the average plan.

Behind the wheel NY Oil - close-up.

Speedometer - close-up.

VY Masliy out of the car, opens the carburetor, gasoline line clears, warms his hands - different plans (frosty sunny day).

Landscape with snow-covered trees - a common, average plans.

Weather station - the employee checks the temperature of air - a common, average plans.

Thermometer showing 53 degrees below zero - close-up.

Car with gasoline driving up to the airport terminal Oymyakon - the average plan.

Caption: "Airport Oymyakon" - close-up.

Car with gasoline passes the plane - the average plan.

The aircraft passengers sit - the average plan.

Airplane up in the air - a common, average plans.

NY Masliy the car looks on the plane, get in the air - the general plan.

Wedding son Victor Maslov NY - guests at the table with the bride and groom - a few different plans.

Melting snow - the average plan.

Rides a truck in the foreground hanging icicles - the average plan.

Children slide down the mountain (no sled) - total, average plans.

Melt water in the snow - medium, large plans.

The car goes on the water - a common, average plans.

The cabin Maslov - close-up.

Genesis - woman sews - close-up, sleeping baby - close-up, a man goes to the window - the general plan.

Magadan evening - building, decorated with portraits in honor of May 1 - total, average plans.

Avenue is a demonstration (the children) - a few common plans, removed from the top point.

Various plans were demonstrations.