Through the Karelian-Finnish Republic 1953 № 11

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Producer LSDF

Director: T. Prokofjeva

Reel №1


Winch assembly L-19 on the Onega engineering plant.

Winch L-19 works in Shuya-Vidanskom.

Skidding forest.

State Farm Salmi.

Streets and buildings of the farm.

Poultry farm.


Pigs on pasture.

Sovkhoznyi herd in the pasture.

Grooms mend harness in the stable.

Milkmaid at work, caring for cows.

Apartment milkmaids Yarosh.

Yarosh family in the home.

Lake Onega.

Fishermen farm "New Life" on the motor-boats on the lake.

Salmon fishing.

Unloading fish on the dock.

Petrozavodsk fish cannery.


House-Building Works (


Dining room.

Cooks in the kitchen.

Visitors at the dinner table.

Russian Drama Theatre (y


Spectators in the courtroom.

National Song Festival.

Peter choir sings "On plot in the forest" (sinhr.).

Key words

Fishing. Fishing communities. Music. Theatre. Engineering. Livestock. Family. Standard of living. Home life. River and lake transport and road. Timber industry. Food industry. Catering.