When You Have A Day Off.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Script writers: Sklyut I.

Operators: Golubov G., Silenko I.


About organization of leisure of Muscovites during days off.

Temporary description

Moscow. 1959. In the streets are watering machine. Actors L. Worlds and M. Nowicki at the bus stop. Get in the bus approached. Tretyakov Gallery. Visitors in the halls. Roerich's painting. Agricultural Exhibition (Exhibition). The TU-104 at the show. M. Nowicki out of the plane, sits on a tractor-trailer. Visitors to the exhibition and ride a bike. Performance of "Ural gems." Pavilion of the Academy of Sciences. Layout third satellite. Novitsky pavilion "Electronics" Musical instrument playing. Color TVs at the show. The orchestra under O. Lundstrem. Exhibition of Czech glass. Glass ceiling, glass exhibits. Glassblowers at work. Novitsky worlds and go to the double-decker bus. American exhibition. Fashion show. Cars on display, the layout of the American satellite. Exhibition of contemporary American art. The beach at the Silver Forest. Bathing. Moscow Street. Cupboard with ads. Lenin Stadium in Luzhniki. Opening Games of the peoples of the USSR. Athletes perform gymnastic exercises. Circus. Ikkoriyskie game. Tigers at the arena. Gorky Park of Culture. Green House. Acts of the Alexandrov Ensemble, Uzbek ensemble "Ziff". Film festival at the stadium "Dynamo" in honor of the International Film Festival, taking place in Moscow. Passing members Festival. Heroes travel film "Battleship Potemkin", "Mother", "Chapaev", "Vyborg Side", "Pig and shepherd", "Carnival Night", "The destiny of man." Illuminated buildings "Moscow" cinema, "Drummer".

Reel №1

PNRM. Moscow from Lenin Hills - LS.

The rigger of posters passes through the street of the city and pastes the posters of theaters.

It is raining heavily in Moscow.

Bus passes along the street; watering machine watering the street.

The playing scene is boarding a bus; among the passengers are pop artists L. Mirov and M. Novitsky.

Entrance to the Central Park of Culture and Rest.

Bitter - LS. (with a / t).

The building of the State Tretyakov Gallery - LS. (with a / t).

Visitors to the exhibition hall of paintings by the artist Roerich.

Roerich's paintings - CU.

Visitors to the Exhibition of Economic Achievements on the road trains pass through the exhibition area.

VDNH - LS. (with a / t).

Spectators in the Green Theater VDNH - LS.

The exhibition performs ensemble "Ural Gems", performed "Ural Quadrille" (synchronous).

Visitors to the pavilion of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Models of the first and third artificial satellites of the Earth, a container of a geophysical rocket, landing on a parachute from the upper atmosphere.

The appearance of the pavilion "Electronics".

A hand is playing the keys of the Ekvodin electromusical instrument - CU.

The screen of the color TV with the image - CU.

Performs pop orchestra conducted by Oleg Lundstrem (synchronously), singing the soloist of the orchestra Chohvin.

Wind instruments of the Lundstrem orchestra - CU.

Visitors to the exhibition "Czechoslovak Glass" in the Central Exhibition Hall.

Exhibits of the exhibition.

The master in the exhibition hall makes figurines of glass.

L. Mirov in the labyrinth of curved mirrors.

On the streets of Moscow is a 2-storey bus - MS.

Passengers in the salons of a 2-storey bus, among them Worlds and Novitsky.

PNRM. on American flags over the pavilions of the American exhibition in Moscow - MS.

Fashion show of men's and women's clothing at the American exhibition.

Посетители осматривают легковые автомашины американских марок, макеты американских искусственных спутников Земли, произведения современного американского искусства.

Works of abstract painting and sculpture.

Reel №2

Visitors to the American exhibition in Moscow, in the park "Sokolniki" examine abstract sculptures.

Muscovites relaxing near the beach in Silver Forest - LS., MS., CU.

Pedestrians on the streets of Moscow.

Theater posters on the street - CU.

Grand Opening Games of the peoples of the Soviet Union at the stadium.

Lenin at the Luzhniki Stadium - LS.

Mass actions of athletes in different societies.

Decorations on the building of the Moscow Circus - MS. (Evening).

Act at the circus acrobats, Oleg Popov, trained animals.

Novitsky worlds and in the audience at the circus.

The audience at the Green Theater Gorky Park.

Bitter - MS., LS. (Evening).

In the Green Theatre performs dance group Red Ensemble.

Alexandrov (synchronously).

Ensemble performs "Ziff" from Uzbekistan (synchronously).

The audience applauded.

Posters of the 1st Moscow International Film Festival - CU.

Film festival at the stadium "Dynamo" in honor of the International Film Festival - LS., MS. (Night).

Motorcyclists with the flags of the participating countries festival pass across the field stadium.

Heroes movie "Battleship Potemkin", "mother", "Chapaev", "Vyborg Side", "Pig and shepherd", "Carnival Night", and "person", "Zdorovenki Buly" Plug and Tarapunka on cars passing on the stadium field .

Spectators - LS., MS. (Night).

Holiday fireworks - MS., CU.

The cinema "Drummer", "Metropolis" with light commercials and posters.

Posters Moscow theater and cinema - LS.