Through the Karelian-Finnish Republic 1956 № 2

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Producer LSDF

Director: N. Komarevcev

Reel №1

1. Rally dedicated solutions XX Congress of the CPSU at Petrozavodsk house-building plant.

2. Production processes in Medvezhiegorsk lespromhoz.

Village lumberjacks "Lobskoye."

Women loggers at work.

3. Petrozavodsk.

Duty railway station at work.

Movement taxi on a city street.

Behind the wheel of a female driver.

Police Sergeant AP Lesnikova regulates traffic.

Candidate of Biological Sciences MN Timakov at work in the laboratory.

4. Mechanics and tractor Olonetsk the MTS at work.

5. Production processes at Petrozavodsk dairy plant.

6. Kindergarten Onega Tractor Plant.

Children are engaged with educators, eating.

7. Medvezhyegorsk City.

Building space, interiors of cinema "Friendship."

The audience in the foyer, hall.

8. XV-th popular ski holiday.

Ski hills, slalom, jumping.

Key words

Construction industry. Timber industry. Trains. Biology. Specialized machine station. Food industry. Pre-school education. Objects of public entertainment. Sports. Skiing. Road transport. City transport. Militia. CPSU. Position of the various groups.