Through the Karelian-Finnish Republic 1953 № 3

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Producer LSDF

Director: N. Komarevcev

Reel №1



Rally on the Onega factory dedicated lower prices for food and consumer goods.

Shoppers in grocery and department store.

Shuya-Vidaysky LPH.

The courses and tractor drivers.

Students on courses of theoretical and practical lessons.


Meeting of the Trade Commission of the City Council.

Members Trade Commission checked urban training department for the spring-summer season.

Production processes in the machine shop Onega plant.

The theme is the deputy of the District Council of Petrozavodsk, Petrozavodsk State University instructor, Ph.D. OA Andriaynen.

OA Andriaynen at work.



Aircraft at the airport.

Handling mail plane.

Plane on the tarmac in the air.

The aircraft crew in the cockpit.


Composer KE Rautio at work on a new piece.

Ensemble "Kantele" takes work KE Rautio.

Key words

Vocational education. State trade. Finance. Pricing. Local public authorities and institutions. Air transport. Music.