In the Country of Volcanoes. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sofronov V.

Script writers: Dynkevich A., Rodinov O.

Operators: Galin I., Radionov O.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R., Khelemskaya G.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


About a scientific expedition to the Klyuchevsky Volcano crater on Kamchatka.

Temporary description

Klyuchevskaya Sopka. Volcanoes. Scientific staff take samples of volcanic rocks. Waterfall. Geyser. The village in the valley Pauzhetka. In the boiling river boiled potatoes. Volcano Station of the Academy of Sciences. Scientific staff at the model of a volcano. Pictures of samples of volcanic rock, drawing on seismogram space propulsion crust. Volcano Nameless. Employees of the station go down the slope of the volcano. Rockfall. Ascent to the crater. Smoking crater Nameless (recording 1956). Preparing mountaineers to climb the hill Klyuchevskaya. Blizzard. Tents are climbers. Climbers on top of a hill. Volcanoes located near Klyuchevskaya volcano. Crater. Samples of volcanic rocks. Derrick. Powered burmashina. Of the pipe has a water fountain. Plant layout, planned to create a natural pair of Kamchatka.

Reel №1

On a scientific expedition to the crater of the volcano on Kamchatka Klyuchevskii.

Volcanoes, taken from an airplane.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka - the general plan.

Active volcanoes - the general plan.

Lake in extinct craters.

Steam rose from the ground - the general plan.

Geologists sampled volcanic rocks.

A hand holding a piece of sulfur - close-up.

It flows from a molten sulfur.

Falls among the volcanic piles.

Geyser - medium, large plans.

Settlement of geologists in the valley Pauzhetka.

Geologists on the river Pauzhetka.

In boiling water, cook the potatoes River geologists.

Geologists eat potatoes, cooked in the river.

Volcanic group - the general plan.

Volcanic Station of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR at the foot of the Klyuchevskaya volcano.

Researcher station telescope observes the active volcano.

Volcano (filmed in stereoscopic).

Station founder Professor V. Vladavits in the laboratory.

Panorama photos from scientists Popkov and Ivanov on samples of volcanic rocks.

Suit of asbestos, in which scientists made drift on a moving lava flow during an eruption crater Tilyukiya.

Animation: scientists drift on a hot lava - a common, big plans.

The device works, seismograph, recording tremors.

Scientists record results seismograph.

Geologist and geochemist Borisov O. Borisov at the foot of the volcano Nameless.

Unnamed Volcano in the mist.

Boris's come out of the tent in clear weather.

Unnamed volcano in clear weather.

Borisov and conductor on horseback set out.

A group of researchers at the horses are on the ground dead, covered by the eruption of volcanoes.

Horse's legs with difficulty to cross the perezhzhennoy ground.

Boris's go out on foot without a guide, under the feet of crumbling stones.

Geologists are hiding behind rocks from falling stones.

Rockfall - total, average plans.

Geologists collected rock samples ejected by volcanoes.

Female geologist goes to the crater of the volcano with a rope.

Boris's wife continues to rise to the crater in the fog.

Unnamed Volcano, on the slopes of creeping clouds.

Geologists in the fog approaching the crater of an active volcano

Reel №2

Borisov at the side of a volcano Nameless.

The clouds above the volcano Nameless.

Footage 1956:

Smoke over the crater of an active volcano.

The eruption of ash from the crater.

Huge clouds of ash.

Streams of hot volcanic mud speeding down the slopes of the volcano.

Panorama of the crater of the volcano Nameless changes shape after a grand explosion in 1956.

Dome volcano Nameless - the average plan.

Volcano Untitled - the overall plan.

Mountaineers and Borisov was preparing to march on a hill Klyuchevskaya.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka - general plans.

Climbers ascend to the hill on the south Klyuchevskoy its slope.

Climbers legs, carefully stepping stones to crumble slope.

Clouds over the hills - the general plan.

Volcano located near the volcano Klyuchevskaya.

Slowly reaching climbers.

Clouds - close-up.

Blizzard, climbers are tents on the slope of a hill.

Mountaineers still way to sunny and calm weather, approaching the top of a hill.

Mountaineers and Borisov on top of a hill Klyuchevskoy.

Panorama of Kamchatka active and extinct volcanoes, hills removed from Klyuchevskoy - the general plan.

Mountaineers look into the crater of a hill.

Borisov looks into the crater of the volcano.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka - an outline, removed from the aircraft.

Volcanologist Borisov looks out the window of an airplane.

Volcanoes have been removed from the plane.

Kamchatka volcano lab station (internal view).

Vessels with gases and samples collected during the expedition.

O. Borisov examines the sample in the laboratory.

Samples of volcanic rocks: lava, tuff, pumice, sulfur and metals.

Panorama, Borisova in the laboratory microscope examines rock samples.

Rock samples, enhanced through the lens of a microscope.

River Valley Pauzhetka.

Working village at the foot of the mountain.

Geyser - close-ups.

A drilling rig in place of hot springs.

Workers are drilling wells on the future site of a geothermal power plant in the valley Pauzhetka.

Of pipe fountain of hot water.

Derrick and wrapped a thick vapor.

Layout of geothermal power plants.

Hills and volcanoes, taken from an airplane - the general plan.