Through the Karelian-Finnish Republic 1956 № 4

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Producer LSDF

Director: N. Komarevcev

Reel №1

1. Production processes in Lahkolambinskom lespromhoz.

Movement of cargo to the wood.

2. Petrozavodsk.

Construction of residential buildings.

3. Ship repair and construction at Petrozavodsk shipyard.

4. Greenhouse farming and beekeeping farm named Zaitsev.

5. Classes in school trade culinary apprenticeship at Petrozavodsk house-building plant.

6. Village Yarn.

District department.

Buyers in the departments "Fabrics", "Shoes."

7. Spring landscape.


Petrozavodsk Palace of Pioneers.

Children build and install birdhouses.

8. White Sea.


Seals with pups.

Movement icebreaker "Levanevsky."

Polar aviation aircraft in the air.

Hunters are the sealing expedition shooting seals.

Key words

Wildlife. Timber industry. Building. Shipbuilding industry. Crop. Beekeeping. Catering. Vocational education. State trade. Landscapes. Out of school education. Wildlife. Maritime transport. Air transport. Hunting.