"Komische Oper" in Moscow.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Podgoreckaya O.

Operators: Zakharova G., Khavchin A.


The tour of the Berlin Theater "Komische Oper" in Moscow.

Historical background

In 1959 in Moscow, spoke with the tour's musical theater "Komishe Opera" from the GDR.

Temporary description

GDR. Berlin. Traffic on the square. Building Komische Oper. Moscow. Playbill Komische Oper: "Tales of Hoffmann", "Albert Herring," "The Magic Flute", J. Offenbach, Britten, Mozart. Fragments of performances (sinhr.). Starring: G. Essays, R. Kogel, G. Roesler, G. Nosser, J. Arnold, B. Nix, L. Motselli and others. The audience in the theater. The artists come to the bows. Actors Theatre on city tours. Types of streets and buildings in Moscow (winter mode). South-West district. Actors are introduced to the residents of Moscow. The Kremlin, Lenin Hills. Laying a wreath at the Mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin. Visit the tobacco factory "Java". The Category Komische Oper (sinhr.). Visit the Coke and Gas Plant, the Moscow House of Pioneers. Are the members of Ballet Circle. The meeting with the Moscow artists and cultural figures. Present: N. Okhlopkov, Kirill Kondrashin, R. Simonov, M. Tsarev, Deputy. Minister of Culture of the USSR Kuznetsov. B. Pevzenshteyn interviewed (sinhr.). Minister of Culture of the USSR Mikhailov congratulates actors after the show.

Reel №1

Berlin - MS. (Top).

The building of the theater auditorium.

Animation: a book with the word "Komische Oper": turning the pages with illustrations for the opera, staged at the theater - CU.

Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko - LS. (Evening).

Posters "Komische Oper» - CU.

Portrait of Mozart - CU.

Score for the opera "The Magic Flute" by Mozart.

Actor Hermine Eser as Prince Tamino plays the flute (synchronous) - CU., MS.

Scenes from the opera: the scene with birders (actor Richard Kogel), the scene with fabulous boys scene in the realm of Sarastro Wise (actor Herbert Ressler) (synchronously).


Participants play bows.

Actors' Komische Oper "acquainted with Moscow.

Guests at the Grand Theatre - CU.

The theater building (with us).

South-West district of Moscow (with us).

Guests take photos, talk with pioneers.

Guests at the Kremlin.

Tsar Bell, one of the cathedrals - MS.

Red Square - LS.

Guests lay a wreath at the Mausoleum, enter the mausoleum.

Visit the Tobacco Factory "Java."

Guests are introduced to the production, talking to workers.

Impromptu concert in the shop: singing Rudolf Asmus (synchronously).

Listening - CU., MS.

Applaud workers and R. Asmus.

Reel №2

Artists "Komische Oper" visit Coke and Gas Plant.

Plant - MS. (Top).

Guests after the concert to present gifts.

Artistic director Professor Felsenstein thanks factory workers.

House of Pioneers - MS.

Actors visiting Pioneers.

Ballet classes circle.

Classes aeromodelling circle.

Those children - CU., MS.

Meeting with prominent German artists of Soviet art.

Talk: Professor Felsenstein, chief director of theater.

Mayakovsky, Nikolai Okhlopkov, conductor Kirill Kondrashin, chief director of theater.

Vakhtangov Ruben Simonov, People's Artist of the USSR Mikhail Tsarev and guests.

Acts Deputy Minister of Culture of the USSR Kuznetsov.

Felsenstein professor talks about his impressions of the tour in Moscow (synchronous) - MS., CU.

Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, foreground flags of the Soviet Union and East Germany - MS., LS. (Evening).

A scene from "Tales of Hoffmann" with a mechanical doll (synchronously).


Bowing actors.

Minister of Culture of the USSR, NA Mikhailov thank the performers.