Through the Karelian-Finnish Republic 1954 № 9

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Producer LSDF

Director: N. Komarevcev

Reel №1

The study area.

Harvesting corn and rye selhozarteli Chkalov.

Silage corn.

Harvesting potatoes in selhozarteli Voroshilov.


Young naturalists' station.

Children caring for flowers, and harvest vegetables.

Farm Zoological Station.

Squirrels, rabbits, Ussuri raccoon, birds in a cage.


Building a new school.

Teachers and pupils style classes.

September 1.

Students in the classroom in the new school.

Marine international flight under the motto "Peace and friendship between the peoples" on the boat "Batfy."

Steamer in the sea.

Riders on the boat.

Meeting steamer in Leningrad seaport.

Key words

Crop. Collective farms. The struggle for peace. Schooling. Out of school education. Maritime transport and road.