Paradoxes Karamzin.. (1990)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: L.Shaht

Script writers: T.Selezneva

Operators: S.Balakirev

Composers: V.Brovko

Recordist: S.Akmanova, A.Alikov


The film tells about the work of Russian historian, historian, writer, poet Nikolai Karamzin.

Reel №1


Drawing of NM Karamzin.

Scientists philologists Yuri Lotman and Vadim Erazmovich Vatsuro in his office, talking about NM Karamzin (synchronously).

Actors Theatre Studio "Nikitsky Gate" Olga Lebedeva, Irina Morozova, Vladimir Yumatov Igor Starosel'tsev in the dressing room and on the stage.

Lebedeva artists as Lisa B. Yumatov as Erastus in a scene from "Poor Liza".

Stage Director Mark G. Rozovskii says about the play, the actors about the game, the importance of play for a modern audience (synchronously).


MG Rozovskii tells the love story of a poor peasant Lisa and rich nobleman Erastus story of NM Karamzin's "Poor Liza" (synchronous).

Scene from "Poor Liza".

Book NM Karamzin's "Poor Liza".

Illustration for the story, depicting Woman weeping by the pond.

Russian film and theater actor Mikhail Kazakov reads (VO) excerpts from correspondence NM Karamzin Swiss writer, poet, theologian Johann Kaspar Lavater.

VE Vatsuro in the study says (synchronously) on thinkers like-minded friends, NM Karamzin.

Letters NM Karamzin's brother.


City of Moscow.

Red Square.


Basil's Cathedral.

Moskvoretskaya Kremlin tower.

Cathedral of the Assumption.

Drawing of walls, towers, cathedrals of the Kremlin.

Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg).

Types of buildings in the city.

Houses with elephant emblem, symbolizing wisdom, patience, dignity.

Movement of the tram and a truck on the road.

Parking cars.

Teens ride their bicycles on the streets.



White swan floating on the river.

Children ride on a pony.

Plays the organ grinder.

Drawings depicting the kinds of Koenigsberg.

MM Cossacks reads (VO) excerpts from the letters NM Karamzin, says (behind the scenes) of Konigsberg, Metaphysics I. Kant appointment NM Karamzin with German poet Christoph Martin Wieland.

Painted portrait KM Wieland.


Geographical maps (close-up).

Landscape [Swiss] mountains.


The city of Zurich.

Building houses.

MLTP. Switzerland.

The city of Zurich.

Buildings and area of ​​the city.

Drawing of IK Lavater.

MM Cossacks says (behind the scenes) about Switzerland, the trip NM Karamzin to Switzerland for a meeting with IK Lavater.

City of Moscow.


View of the Constantine and Helen (Timofeevskaya) towers and one of the Kremlin cathedrals.

Painted portrait NM Karamzin.

Lotman and VE Vatsuro in the workplace, talk about the issue of the Moscow journal, poetry, literature (synchronously).


Drawing of the king, the executioner severed human heads.

The city of Kaliningrad.

Ruined walls of the Cathedral.

Grave philosopher Immanuel Kant walls of the cathedral.

Building houses.

Movement of cars on a city street (night mode).

Painted portrait NM Karamzin.

MM Cossacks tells century Enlightenment, reads an excerpt from a work NM Karamzin, "But what are we ..." (behind the scenes).

Moscow region.

Podolsky district.

Ostafievo village.



The territory of the State Museum-Estate "Ostafievo."

Manor Vyazemskys princes.

Library building.

Cabinet NM Karamzin.

Monument NM Karamzin.



Group of tourists on the pier.

Stand with the word "Tour".

Movement tour bus through the city streets.

Anichkov Bridge.

One of the equestrian statues of the bridge.

Movement of cars, trucks on the bridge.

Literary critic, historian, philologist Alexander Panchenko on a city street gives interviews, talks about NM Karamzin as prosperous journalist compares with Napoleon (synchronously).

Mikhailovsky Castle.

Grand staircase.

Ruined statue of Hercules. A. Panchenko at the entrance to the building says (synchronously) of Paul I, reads (synchronous) product line of "History of the Russian state" NM Karamzin.

M. tells Mikhail Kozakov (VO) on the history of Russia as a great state.

Portraits of Peter I, Elizabeth, Catherine II, Paul I, Alexander I.

Lotman and B. Vatsuro talk about the state policy of Alexander I, the relation of NM Karamzin's History of Russia (synchronously).


Lotman in his office said the state policy of Alexander I, Nicholas I, his political views, NM Karamzin (synchronously).

Leningrad region.


The territory of the State Museum-Preserve "Tsarskoye Selo".

Alexander Park.



Turkish tower.

Cesme column.

Cameron Gallery.

Chinese village.

Figure showing the performance of the Decembrists at the Senate Square in St.



Equestrian statue of Nicholas I on St.

Isaac's Square. A. Panchenko says (synchronously) on the history of Russia, the rulers of the Russian state on NM Karamzin.

Painted portrait NM Karamzin.

Key words

City. Rural settlements. Sculpture. Art. Christianity. Museums. Architectural monuments. Painting. Theatre. Landscapes. City transport. Road transport. Zoology.

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