Cosmic holography.. (1990)

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The film touts holographic devices "REGINA" and "TIGER" developed "Energia".

Reel №1

The film includes footage of the following.

Moscow, Kremlin, the dome of the Assumption Cathedral, St.

Basil's Cathedral view from the Spassky Gate.

Employee in the lab working on a holographic device.

Holographic image of St.

Basil's Cathedral, antique statues.

PNRM. for small-sized holographic registrars.

General view of the holographic setup protecting spacecraft porthole ("REGINA").

General view of television interference holographic recorder ("Tiger").

Installation of a spaceship.

PNRM. portholes on protected holographic registrars.

Experts watching monitor screens in the hall Mission Control Center (MCC).

Employees microbiology laboratory experiments carried out with the aid of instruments "REGINA" and "Tiger".

Processes involving fluid under conditions of weightlessness.

ATV, helicopter, people on the snow-covered field.

Flask with ultrapure crystals.

Computing systems.

Close-up - face the tiger.

Copyright certificates for devices "REGINA" and "Tiger".

In the film, newsreels: astronaut on the space station, cosmonaut S.E.Savitskaya passes from one compartment to another ship, holographic installation on the space station, astronauts talk about the principle of operation of holographic devices (sinhr.), type the orbiting laboratory (1980s.).

Key words

Optical industry. Air transport. Road transport. City. Physics, engineering physics. Astronautics. Christianity. Aviation industry. Wildlife.