Semiprecious quartz.. (1982)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: D.Mamedov

Operators: D.Mamedov

Other authors: Avtor scenariya E.Gulyanovskij


The film tells about the production of quartz, its treatment, demonstrated products of quartz.

Reel №1

Quartz pieces of different shapes.

Rocky shores of the Ural river, pine on the rocks.

Men on a boat floating on the river.

View of the river from one of the rocks.

Geologists study samples stones mined in the rocks.

Quartz in the hands of the geologist.

Type of reservoir development quartz.

Machining of quartz at the factory.

Cut stones.

Polished stones lie in a box.

Woman packs ornaments in boxes.

Saleswoman at the store shows quartz jewelry shoppers.

Woman trying on a bracelet, necklace.

Vases made of quartz.

Showcase jewelry store.

Pieces of quartz - museum exhibits, rocks in the windows.

Candlesticks, beads, vases, damasks, caskets made of quartz.

Copies of the stones in the window - the icy quartz, amethyst, topaz, Rauch, pink quartz, Morion, chalcedony, chrysoprase, jasper, quartz hair-agate.

Key words

Landscapes. Mining (mining) industry. Jewelry factories. River and lake transport. State trade. Geology. Museums.