. . . And in the feasts and in everyday life. . .. (1989)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: M. Kligman

Operators: S. Cihanovich


Film about Russian Folk Choir Pyatnitsky.

Reel №1

Choir practice, the dance group.

Artists of the choir in the dressing room.

The choir, soloists, dance groups (fragments).

MI Moskvitina, G. Fufaeva, V. Levashov at rehearsals, give interviews (synchronously). V. Levashov conducts the choir.

Voronezh region.

House-Museum Pyatnitsky.

The museum's exhibits.

Bust Pyatnitsky.

Opening of the monument Pyatnitsky in Voronezh.

Speaker Mikhail Mordasova (synchronously).

Soloist Choir V. Klodnina gives interviews (synchronously).

Chronicle: singing choir, soloist V. Klodnina, foreign tour choir (fragments of performances) (A. Prokoshina comments over); the choir in the throne room of the Vatican, Pope applauds - John Paul I (photographed from the TV screen).

Rural landscapes.

Grandmother sing one of the villages are interviewed (synchronously).

Key words

Music. Museums. Sculpture. Folklore.