Cola.. (1989)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: A. Karpushev

Script writers: A.Bogatirev

Actors: Majya Bulgakova

Operators: A. Sulyaev, Yu. Ainov

Recordist: V.Matyushin, S.Sinyak

Music designer: V.Panchenko

Other authors: Scenarij - A. Bogatirev. Zvuk - V. Matyushin, S. Vinyak.


On the ecology of the Kola Peninsula. (Documentary and fiction style)

Reel №1

Varzuga village on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Grazing sheep, fishermen repairing network out to sea in boats.

Women at the wooden church.

Sami song sounds.

Sewing workshop pim (shoe) of reindeer fur.

Harvesting potatoes.


Sami family from the plague.

Hunters hunt polar bear Maurice.

Herd of deer grazing in the snow.

Parking herders.

Dog sledding.

Fur buyers.

Disturbance: stunted vegetation, dead trees, polluted water, houses, covered with sand; smoke, smog over the city

Cola on the Kola Peninsula.

Apatite mining, transportation to the mill "North Nickel."

Nickel smelting shop smelter.

Steelmakers have stoves masked corrugated rubber.

Boxes packed with nickel to send abroad.

Loggers at work.

Huge piles of wood.

Forest debris.

The patient says (synchronously) journalist for harmful working conditions in industrial plants, about infections working with radioactive dust.

Doctor and nurse assisting a patient in the intensive care unit.


The guards are displaced column.

Working immigrants and prisoners.

Dramatization of the trial of the head of the industrial district on charges of violating the environment, the destruction of historical monuments.

Musicians play rock band "Dangerous Neighbors".

Key words

Environmental disasters. National life. Timber industry. Metallurgy. Health. Music. Handicraft industry. Repression. Livestock. City. Fishing.